Some marriages are good ;-)

Quick Rent & Duratti PartnershipSome marriages are good !! Quick Rent ties the knot  with Duratti Modular Kitchens to get one step closer to providing one stop solutions to home owners, Modular Furniture & Renting Services.

Duratti Modular Furniture comes with 7 years onsite warranty and is Water Proof, Termite Proof and Fire Resistant. The team is professional and have been mostly involved in bulk supplies of kitchens to the developers, now entering into the retail segment…read more

Quick Rent management saw the opportunity to be able to help Landlords have a single point of contact, rather than multiple agencies to make life simpler and easier. Helping clients reduce stress and save on time, effort and resources and also get delivered good quality wood work and rental services in Gurgaon.

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