Now Renting Park View Spa

Park View Spa for Rent

New Community with good facilities is The Park View Spa, offering spacious apartments with a large 3 bedroom measuring about 2500 sq.ft., a large 4 bedroom apartment measuring 3100 sq.ft. and a large luxurious 4 bedroom with private lounge with the master bedroom measuring 3700 sq.ft.

Park View Spa was sold by the developer as a community with all the apartments pre-fitted with Modular Kitchens, and some of the towers also pre fitted with Split Air conditioners, so most of the apartments would have the same kind of kitchen. While some of the towers have the ducting provision for Split Air conditioners. The apartments are well appointed with good quality flooring and lavish bathrooms.

Quick Rent team is active in Park View Spa as a community and there are a host of apartments for rent in Park View Spa. The good news is that being a new community, at this point in time, the rentals are low, however as it works with most of the communities, park view spa rentals would also move up as more and more apartments go on rent and the community gets more inhabitants.

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