The Verandas

Apartments for Rent in The Verandas Gurgaon

You enter this community and you know you are at home, lush green exteriors, well manicured Gardens and well kept plants are going to completely make you fall in love. Take a sneak peek into these fantastic Expat Homes in Gurgaon for Rent. The various water bodies add serenity to the external ambience of this luxury apartment community in Gurgaon.

I haven’t seen better apartments than these in Gurgaon. That I can say emphatically for sure, I mean, you enter the building and the class is just written all over the place. The Entrance Lobby is large  and very well done indeed. The Lobbies on each floor are very aesthetically done and have a touch of class. Enter the apartment and you can definitely feel the difference from anything else that exists in Gurgaon.

You move ahead into the lift lobbies, and wow !! I haven’t yet seen better lifts in an apartment community in Gurgaon. These truly reflect the class…These lifts on the other side are Glass Lifts which look into the open greens of the community…totally awesome !!

Get to the apartments and you are totally amazed with the quality and the detailing that the developer has gone into with these super luxury apartments for rent in Gurgaon. The Living Area is totally mesmerising with the choicest of Chandeliers and False Ceilings with concealed lighting is just too good to be true.

The Kitchen is absolutely fully done with the best of Refrigerators, The Owens, The Microwave , The Hobs , Chimney all by Siemens & The Modular Cabinets to make sure that every day is a pleasurable experience to be in the Kitchen.

Move to the bedrooms and you are not disappointed at all, the bedrooms have classy walls and perfectly finished wardrobes and concealed ceiling lights. Each Bedroom comes with perfect real wood flooring to add super class to these apartments.

The Bathrooms are just out of this world, totally international quality of finish, with the best of bath fittings in place, The Master Bath even has a large Walk-In Wardrobe, so you just get ready and are ready to go without eating into the bedroom space.

The Large Size French Windows add the flair to the apartments making them airy and well lit, all opening up to a huge balcony, which is ready to be the party place for your loved ones. Each balcony has a extended Veranda, which is where you are going to enjoy those fantastic evenings with your friends and family.

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