Furnished Office Space Sohna Road

Furnished Office Space On Sohna Road

This is an interesting office space for rent on Sohna Road located on the Ground Floor in one of the large IT Buildings and is offered as Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent.  This office space is in an interesting duplex setting, where in the upper level is reserved for work stations and the lower level has the conference room, cabin and reception etc. The interiors are nicely done, although the office space has  been used before, the interiors remain well maintained.  An ideal usage of space in a small area.

Measuring about 1334 sq.ft. this office space has the following to offer:

19 workstations, 1 confrence room, 2 cabins,1 reception and 1 pantry

Here are some actual pictures of this Fully Furnished Office Space for rent on Sohna Road.

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