New Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok

Anand Lok is among one of the key posh colonies of Delhi, located in the South of Delhi, Anand Lok has become a key locality for both high net worth Indian families as well as for expatriates working with Embassies and other Multinational companies in Delhi.

Being strategically located close to the Embassy Locations and the New Delhi International Airport, Anand Lok remains to be among top 10 localities preferred by the Expatriates. The high quality of construction and interior finishes of Apartments in Anand Lok has also been one of the reasons for Expats looking for Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok.

There are primarily two sizes of plots available in Anand Lok being 400 sq.yrds and 800 sq.yrds. These offer accommodations which are built either as independent homes or as Brand New Builder Floors for Rent in Anand Lok. (Builder Floors is a terminology that is used for apartments constructed by a builder on a piece of land on different floor levels and then sold to different owners). In some cases there are also Duplex Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok which are created by joining two floors on either Ground and Basement Levels or 1st and 2nd Floor.

Brand New Floors in Anand Lok also offer dedicated Stilt level parking space as now these are mandatory by law as per the new construction norms. So, if you find apartments in Anand Lok which do not have the stilt floor, then it means it is an older home. While the older homes would also have dedicated car Parking in the drive way, as it used to be in older days.

In case you are looking for Brand New Floors for Rent in Anand Lok, we have some of the finest and probably one of the largest inventory base of New Apartments for rent in Anand Lok. In case your options are not restricted to Anand Lok alone, then we can offer you some of the finest constructed Brand New Builder Floors and Apartments for Rent in various other localities of South Delhi near Anand Lok.

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