Difficult to believe this is in Gurgaon

Central Park 2 for Rent

We have all heard of or experienced tunnels like these abroad, but this one is no other place than within Gurgaon. Yes, this tunnel is what takes you to the luxurious apartments at Central Park 2, Gurgaon. The idea to design this primarily was to offer a completely car free zone on the ground level, this tunnel starts from the entrance of the Central Park 2 Community and leads you to the parking areas located in the Basement of each tower at Central Park 2.

Its quite surprising that even the basements at central park are actually better presentable than a whole lot of ground level exteriors of  a host of residential communities in Gurgaon. One can actually get pleasantly surprised with the use of greens in the basement of Central Park 2 Apartments and with the lighting effect created within the basement, it kind of doesn’t feel that you are in the basement at all.

There are some interesting options of apartments for rent in Central Park 2 ranging from a 2400 sq.ft. going up all the way to 4000 sq.ft. and some very exclusive luxurious penthouses measuring 8400 sq.ft. as well. In case you are considering living in style and luxury and enjoy the lifestyle that Gurgaon has to offer…you should consider to Rent Apartment in Central Park 2 and enjoy the lifestyle.

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