Quality of Flooring in Ireo Grand Arch

Rent Ireo Grand Arch

One good thing about apartments delivered at Ireo Grand Arch Gurgaon is the fact that the living, dining and lobby area has either granite flooring or Italian Marble Flooring, making it easy to maintain, clean. Also the feel of the Granite Floor is a richer experience than the some of the other flooring like Regular Marble or Vitrified Tiles etc.

Also the bedrooms have not the ordinary kind of wooden flooring but definitely a better quality flooring, giving a better feel to the whole story.

With this kind of finish quality, ireo grand arch for rent becomes a great option to pick and live in, more importantly, there are not many luxury apartments for rent in Gurgaon which offer small size apartments with the kind of facilities that are being offered at ireo grand arch.

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