Concierge Service at Ireo Grand Arch

Grand Arch Gurgaon for Rent

One good aspect about renting an apartment at The Grand Arch Gurgaon is the kind of services available at the concierge desk under each tower at ireo Grand Arch. The staff is extremely helpful and are willing to resolve any teething issues at the earliest possibility and with utmost care.

There is also an extended concierge service available to the ireo grand arch residents, which offers pretty much anything from booking an airline ticket to helping get a maid.

This is the kind of service that one would expect from any high end residential community in Gurgaon, the only difference is that ireo grand arch offers smaller size of apartments with such facilities, while most of the other luxury residential apartments in Gurgaon would have larger size of apartments as compared to apartments available for rent at Ireo Grand Arch.

In case you are looking for a contemporary apartment for rent in Gurgaon, and are not looking for very large size of apartments, then you must consider to Rent Apartment at ireo Grand Arch.

We have apartments available for rent in ireo grand arch and can take you through a smooth transaction with complete documentation.

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