Grand Arch Apartment Interiors

Rent Grand Arch Gurgaon

The interiors at The Grand Arch Gurgaon are plush as compared to some of the other so claimed residential communities in Gurgaon. The Kitchen is done in white setup in all the apartments and mostly the owners are choosing to get the woodwork in other bedrooms as per their choices, some have chosen to do white woodwork which makes the apartment look elegant and spacious.

While there are other residential apartments for rent in Gurgaon which claim to be having good quality finish, but when you visit them, it is a disaster. At ireo Grand Arch, things are quite on the contrary and the apartments have a good quality internal finish, making living in these apartments a breeze.

Here are some real pictures of the internal finish quality of Ireo Grand Arch, in case you are looking to rent an apartment in Grand Arch, please feel free to call us or write to us.

2 thoughts on “Grand Arch Apartment Interiors”

  1. Thank you for inquiring about 4 BHK for rent in Ireo Grand Arch, currently the apartments are being leased at Rs. 50,000 + Maint. + Club charges. No landlords are willing to put in the curtains, as there is reasonably good demand for apartments without having to put curtains from the Landlord’s perspective.
    We have a few options that can be shown, if your budget permits.

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