One thing to know while moving to The Grand Arch

The Grand Arch Gurgaon

Everything is great at Ireo Grand Arch, the exteriors, the interiors and the lavish club house with tons of features and all is great. There is one thing that is not really a negative, however it will be good to know this before you move into Grand Arch for rent, or should I say, when you move to The Grand Arch for Rent, you should be aware of this so you don’t get stuck…

The thing is that the Balcony Slider has a self locking mechanism when you shut it, so if you are alone at the apartment and by mistake lock yourself out in the balcony, then you are in a bit of trouble. There is obviously no way to open the balcony from the outside, which is rightly so designed to keep any one from the outside to be able to open it. So, if you have someone else in the house, they could possibly help you get back in, however in case you are alone and locked yourself out, then it might be a bit of a trouble to get back in. This is just one piece of information that should be kept in mind while living in ireo Grand Arch.

Its always better to know something and avoid a situation by learning from other’s experiences, rather than having to go through the trouble, so sharing.

In case you are looking to Rent an apartment at Ireo Grand Arch, we could help getting you the ideal apartment. In case you are a landlord trying to rent out your apartment in Grand Arch, please feel free to submit your property here.

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