The Entrance Lobby at Grand Arch

Ireo Grand Arch

Every Tower among the High Rise Towers come with a very nicely done entrance lobby that is inviting and feels good to come home to, there is a concierge desk at each lobby area, where one could get help on any specific issue within the apartment and also for things like booking an airline ticket, getting a taxi and a host of other things.

The Lobby is set in White Color interiors and has a small sitting area for visitors that you would not like to come up to the apartment. You could make them wait at the lobby level and attend to them downstairs itself.

In case you are looking to Rent Apartment at Ireo Grand Arch, please feel free to call us or write to us. We have some good options to choose from. In case you are a Landlord, please click on the Submit Your Property Button to help quick renting of your property at Ireo Grand Arch.

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