Best Areas to Live in Gurgaon

Best Areas to Live in Gurgaon

Gurgaon’s Luxury Residential Communities are actually quite scattered, while one may think that Golf Course Road is one of the best areas to live in Gurgaon, however, not all residential communities on the Golf Course Road would fit the bill.  In fact, there are some communities would be outright rejected by connoisseurs of Luxury while a few actually fit into the vision of Best Areas to Live in Gurgaon.

Apartment for Rent in Magnolias 007

On the contrary, in some cases there are other Places which offer a great lifestyle living in Gurgaon even though the location may be a bit out from the so called down town Gurgaon. Being a growing city, it is at this point in time difficult to actually define the downtown of Gurgaon, some of the newer Places like the Golf Course Extension may actually become the downtown of Gurgaon in times to come, with the super luxurious apartments in Gurgaon offering 5 Star Hotel services like The Grand Hyatt Residences for Rent. So at this point in time, one can say that the Gurgaon has a shifting Downtown at this point in time.

DLF Aralias for Rent

So the question remains, what are the best areas to live in Gurgaon? Well, the really good residential communities are a handful in Gurgaon and can be on your finger tips. If we talk about the Golf Course Road, undoubtedly The Aralias, The Magnolias and The Camelias would take the lead, primarily because they are the only real Golf Apartment Communities in Gurgaon.

Salcon Verandas for Rent 025

Apart from this, The Verandas is a fantastic residential community, which offers value for money luxury apartments for rent in Gurgaon. The attribute that brings The Verandas in this category is the internal finish quality of the apartments and the detailing of the quality delivered in these apartments. There after Palm Springs would be the next best residential community in Gurgaon, offering Villas & Apartments within the community.

Tatvam Villas Rent 002

For those who like to enjoy being in a very green and villa style of community, then one of the most sought after villa community in Gurgaon would be Tatvam Villas Gurgaon. A host of Expats live in this community because of the way this Luxury Villa Community is designed, each villa opens up to the common greens from the back yard and each villa offers a private swimming pool within the villa.

Over the years, our experience has been that Home means different things to people, it has a lot to do with the vibes of the place when you visit and something clicks inside you and tells you that this is where I would like to spend some part of my life, this is where I will be comfortable with my family for the time that I am going to spend in Gurgaon and that is the place that you would rent.

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