Tower Entrance at Heritage One

Apartments for Rent in Heritage One

Being a small residential community doesn’t mean that there are any compromises in the finish quality of Heritage One, Gurgaon. The apartment are well appointed with all the necessary amenities. The Entrance lobby is nicely finished and has a small sitting arrangement as well for the guests that you want to attend on the ground level and not bring them up to your apartment. Apart from this, there are some interesting artistic elements also placed at the Heritage One Lobby area, which include large size pots decorated with Pebbles around it.

Each tower has three lifts, which include 2 Passenger Lifts and one large lift for services. The lifts go all the way down to the basement car parking area, which is controlled through access cards. The maintenance office is located in the Level 1 Basement of Tower B of Heritage One.

Here is the video of the Entrance Lobby at Heritage One.

In case you are looking for renting an apartment at Heritage One, we can surely help. We are proud to be associated with Heritage One as a preferred Renting Partners. Please leave us with your query or simply SMS “RENT” to 56767

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