Villas with Private Swimming Pool

Villas for Rent in Gurgaon

The only Villas Community in Gurgaon to offer private swimming pools within the villa is Tatvam Villas, at least for now. In future, there may be other developments that offer similar feature to have a beautiful swimming pool within the villa.

One good thing is that Gurgaon has almost 8 months of Hot weather, which is great news for kids who love to jump into a pool everytime they see it. What better than having it right in your backyard.

No wonder, most of the Villas on Rent in Tatvam are occupied by Expats, who love to have such features at home. Not just the swimming pool, Tatvam Villas remains to be one of the greenest residential communities in Gurgaon offering Luxury Villas for Rent in Gurgaon at affordable price points.

Although not right in the city center, but there are no other such communities in Gurgaon, so anyone looking for a luxury villa for rent in Gurgaon with a private swimming pool, this is it.

Check out some pictures and Videos. Do let us know if you are looking to rent a luxury villa in Gurgaon, we could surely help.

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