Important for Expats

Living Options for Expats in Gurgaon

A lot of times, Expat clients come with a great desire to live in a villa, but it is better to know some facts before ending up in a soup.

As for the Independent Villas is concerned, especially the ones that are not within a managed community, I would strongly not recommend them for the following reasons:

  • No Power Back Up– In Gurgaon you can’t survive without an organized power back up. The power cuts will spoil your stay in Gurgaon. So, it is important that you stay in a community which has power back up.
  • Security – In an independent home, the security arrangements would have to be made by you, which would attract an additional cost.
  • Socializing– In a community, there is an opportunity to socialize and enjoy meeting people at the Club etc. In an independent bungalow which is not part of a community, it is very difficult to mingle with people and neighbors.
  • No common Club House– Independent bungalows do not offer the much needed recreational facilities, in such a scenario, you would have to look at taking external memberships to clubs to enjoy the facilities.
  • Maintenance Issues– Managed communities in Gurgaon offer 24×7 maintenance staff available on a phone call, which is very important especially for Expats, considering the fact that being in a new place, it ca be sometimes difficult to manage things on your own.

In case you still would like to go with a villa, there are some communities which offer Villas within a Gated Managed communities, Here are the links to some such communities:

Eldeco Mansionz :

Tatvam Villas:

The Palm Springs:

The Vilas:

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