Why are people moving to Ireo Grand Arch

Ireo Grand Arch For Rent

Why are people moving to Ireo Grand Arch ? Well, as a trend, Gurgaon has always been a market driven by Tenants, and at any given point in time, Tenants have always moved to newer societies with modern amenities and better quality facilities. No wonder, ireo Grand Arch has kind of become one of the choice for all the discerning tenants looking out for quality services and some great club facilities.

Ireo Grand Arch offers two things, one good quality apartments with some very niche features like floor to ceiling glass panels, which make the house look much more spacious as well as well lit, apart from this the VRV air conditioning and overall finish of the apartments is pretty decent too.

But the real kicker is the club house and the facilities there in. The club at ireo grand arch which is called Le Club is filled with probably anything and everything that is needed to get distressed after a hard days job. From a good quality swimming pool to a state of the art gym and yoga room and the works, so much so that it even has a toddlers area and a bowling alley. And if that is not enough, it has a drumming room, a piano room and even a fantastic international standard salon with massage rooms.

In case you are considering a move from an old apartment, you might want to consider ireo grand arch for rent as an option. Although the availability is less, considering that the possessions of apartments are still happening, and there is  a fair bit of gap between the supply and the demand, the demand being more than the supply due to lesser possessions, we still have a few apartments for rent in ireo grand arch that are available for Expats and senior executives of various organizations to live with like minded peers.

Check out some pictures of the Club at Ireo Grand Arch below:

Pictures of the Apartments:

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