Leopard in Gurgaon was a Ghost

News about Leopard in Gurgaon

The leopard in Gurgaon was a Ghost !! Speed being the new mantra for growth, the leopard in Gurgaon was a ghost sign of speeding up of things. Be it infrastructure or any other developments in Gurgaon.

Our contribution to Speed for Growth comes from QuickRent as a startup in the rentals service business helping the discerning Landlords & Tenants looking to rent properties. An idea to create a brick & mortar business along with an online platform for the discerning Landlords to show case their properties with accurate details, pictures and as much information as possible and on the other hand help Tenants get as much visual and textual information to help speed up the process of finalizing a property on rent.


Quick, Agile and committed team to lead the venture that is all set to help bridge the gap between the Landlords & Tenants. Successfully helping multiple Landlords and Tenants to find their pairs and get things rolling at super speed.

As a Landlord the most critical thing is to put their vacant property on rent as quickly as possible and for the tenants to find a suitable home and put the thought behind them as quickly as possible to be able to remain focused on what they do best, rather than spending too much time in hunting for the right property.

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