2 BHK For Rent in Ireo Skyon

2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Ireo Skyon

This compact sized 2 Bedroom Apartment for rent at Ireo Skyon is perfectly suited for a single who likes to live the high life or a young couple looking to explore quality lifestyle for living in Gurgaon or even the senior citizens looking to retire in style.

This spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Ireo Skyon comes with some interesting layout features that make life not only wonderful in living in these apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon, but also have some fantastic utility value as well.

One of the amazing feature which surely a young couple would enjoy is the large 10 Ft. Balcony to enjoy a fun filled evening of wining and dining at your own personal balcony, or enjoy a barbecue evening in your spacious balcony with your private barbecue pit, considering that it has enough space to take it and yet leave space to enjoy a small private table for two or three.

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Another interesting feature is that although this 2 bhk apartment for rent in ireo Skyon comes in a compact format, however, there is absolutely no compromise on the size of the Master Bedroom. A spacious 12.5 ft. x 16,7 ft. with a separate area for wardrobe area which does not eat into your bed space.

There are primarily two variants of these 2 bedroom for rent in ireo Skyon, without much difference of about 10 sq.ft. of area, either of them are a great abode.

Here are the layout plans for this fantastic compact 2 bedroom apartment for Rent in Ireo Skyon.





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