4 BHK Apartment for Rent in Skyon

4 BHK Apartment for Rent in Skyon

The 4 Bedroom Apartments at Ireo Skyon are all located in the High Rise Tower that is 39 floors high. This iconic tower hosts all the 4 BHK Apartments for rent in Skyon. These 4 BHK apartments in Ireo Skyon are for those who like to enjoy large spacious apartments with stunning views of the Aravalis and the Gurgaon Skyline.

All bedrooms come with attached bathrooms, while the guest bedroom has a washroom that also doubles up as a powder room. This 4 BHK apartment for rent in Skyon comes with very large and spacious balcony with the living & dining room and also has as separate functional deep balcony with the Master Bedroom.

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This apartment for rent in skyon comes with a spacious 10×10 kitchen and a utility / servant’s room with an attached bathroom. There is a utility balcony next to the kitchen for washing and drying clothes.

Over all a great apartment to live in ireo Skyon for those who enjoy living on heights and enjoy the world below with views of the Gurgaon Skyline.

Here is the Apartment Layout Plan for this 4 BHK Apartment for Rent in Ireo Skyon :


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