Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

DLF Magnolias is without a doubt one of the premium residential communities in Gurgaon, owing to it overlooking the DLF Golf Greens and for being very centrally located within Gurgaon. There are options to find Apartments for rent in DLF Magnolias which are semi-furnished as well as Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent in DLF Magnolias.

While mostly you would find semi-furnished apartments in DLF Magnolias, however, every once in a while, one does get to find a fully furnished apartment in DLF Magnolias. These Furnished apartments in Magnolias are mostly occupied by Expats and the furnishings are well maintained. Expats moving to Gurgaon typically do not want to invest in furniture, considering the fact that they have a limited time assignment and when they have to leave, the furniture does not fetch a good value and it is a loss for them. That is the reason, why some investors and owners have furnished the apartments in Magnolias.

These apartments of course go on a slight premium above the semi furnished apartments, which one can consider as a convenience cost and the cost towards the wear and tear of the furnishings.

Here are the actual pictures and videos of one of the Fully Furnished Apartment in Magnolias, which is located on a Higher Floor in one of the premium towers of the community.

Living & Dining Area

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