Fully Furnished Apartment in DLF Aralias

Fully Furnished Apartment in DLF Aralias

This is a furnished apartment in Aralias located on one of the middle floor, which overlooks the club and the swimming pool at DLF Aralias, unlike some of the other apartments, which have a diagonal view of the club/central greens/golf course, this apartment is located in the central block at Aralias, making the views from this apartment stunning and more scenic.

This specific furnished apartment in Aralias comes with good quality interiors, interestingly, while most other apartments for rent in Aralias come in 4 or 5 bedroom formats, this one is designed slightly differently, it has 3 large bedrooms with sitting areas within each bedroom and a Study that is connected to the Master Bedroom and the living area.

The apartment is minimalistically furnished, as some people would prefer them to be with good quality furniture.

Some of the Highlights of this apartment are:

  • Fireplace in the Living Area (Ethanol Based).
  • Dish Washer in the Kitchen.
  • Large Televisions in each bedroom.
  • Large size Dining Table.
  • Balcony overlooks the Club/Pool Area. (East)
  • Jacuzzi & Steam in Master Bathroom.

Here are some actual pictures of this Furnished Apartment for Rent in Aralias.

Here are some Videos of This Specific Apartment for Rent in Aralias:

Balcony View:

Living / Dining Room


Study Room



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