apartments for rent in malcha marg

Apartments in Malcha Marg

Apartments for Rent in Malcha Marg

Malcha Marg has remained a preferred location to live for our Expat Guests for years, especially the ones who are working with Embassies and other Foreign Government offices in India. Apart from being one of the closest location to the existing Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi, Malcha Marg remains to be one of the upmarket residential colonies in Delhi. Essentially, Malcha Marg is part of a greater community called Chanakyapuri in New Delhi. While “Marg” in Indian language means “Road”, Malcha Marg would literally mean “Malcha Road”, which happens to be one of the prominent roads within Chanakyapuri, hosting residential properties and small neighborhood markets with eateries, bakeries and delis.

Primarily the plot sizes in Malcha Marg are 375 sq.yards, 500 sq.yards & 800 sq.yards. There are two kinds of homes for rent in Malcha Marg location, these can be divided into two primary categories: Independent Houses for Rent in Malcha Marg and Builder Floors for Rent in Malcha Marg.

For those who are not familiar with the terminology, Independent House or Bungalows for Rent in Malcha Marg would mean an independent home that is built on a specific plot size, these of course would be single family homes that one can take on rent.

A builder floor on the other hand in an Indian context would mean multiple independent floors created on a single plot, in which case there would be multiple families living on these independent floors within one structure that is built on a single plot. Each Independent floor for rent in Malcha Marg would have an independent access either with a lift or without a lift.

In Delhi, typically, you will be able to rent an entire floor for one family. In most cases there are 2, 3 or 4 floors constructed on a single plot of land in Delhi.

The variations of accommodation in Malcha Marg would typically be starting from a 2 Bedroom and going up all the way to about 8 bedrooms for larger independent houses built on 800 yards. Among the various apartment and bungalow types you will find both Old and Newly renovated homes. While the older ones retain the old world charm, the renovated homes offer fresh modern interiors with brand new fittings and refurbished bathrooms etc.

Here is a Map of Malcha Marg and Chanakyapuri:


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