Rent of Ireo Grand Arch

best-dealIreo Grand Arch has come to become one of the preferred localities of Golf Course Extension Road.

The biggest reason is the quality of lifestyle and the club house within the community.

The current rentals are as follows:

2 BHK Simplex: Rs. 33 K + Maint. + Club Charges = Rs. 42K

2 BHK Duplex: Rs. 32K + Maint + Club Charges = Rs. 44 K

3 BHK : Rs. 38K + Maint. + Club Charges = Rs. 49 K

4 BHK : Rs. 45K + Maint. + Club Charges = Rs. 59 K

Pictures of Ireo Grand Arch

How to Rent an Apartment in Ireo Grand Arch

Why are people moving to Ireo Grand Arch


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