4 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Verandas

4 Bedroom for Rent in Verandas

While there are smaller 4 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Salcon Verandas, however, this specific apartment was originally a 5 Bedroom Apartment converted into a 4 Bedroom Apartment, the primary difference is in the size of the Living & Dining Area. One of the bedrooms has been sacrificed to create a larger space in the Living & Dining area.

The apartment is located on  a higher floor and offers good quality interiors as all the apartments in Verandas have absolutely the same finish quality, there is no difference in the finish quality, it remains the great finish quality as always.

If you are a family that appreciates larger living and dining spaces over having an extra bedroom, this apartment for rent in Salcon Verandas would be a perfect suit you perfectly well.  It offers 4 Bedrooms with a larger living and dining area.

Needless to mention that the next best option after DLF Magnolias followed by DLF Aralias would be Salcon Verandas in Gurgaon. So in case you are looking for an upmarket address as well as good qualiy finish inside the apartments, then Verandas would be a good choice.

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