Apartments for Rent in Aralias

Apartments for Rent in Aralias

This is a very nicely done up apartment for rent in DLF Aralias, the good part about this apartment is that it has an extended balcony, almost 8 feet deep, which allows for a lot of extra space for creating a Terrace Garden or Sitting Areas in the Terrace Area.

This apartment for rent in Aralias is located in one of the lower floors, so if you are looking to live on a higher floor then this is not the option for you, but if you are person who likes to see greenery up front close, then this will work very well for you. The apartment overlooks the superbly manicured lawns of DLF Aralias as well as overlooks the Swimming Pool as well.

The apartment offers 4 Large Size Bedrooms with Bath Tub /Jacuzzi in the bedroom as well as a very lavishly done up kitchen (Actual Pictures & Videos of the Apartment are below). There is an interestingly designed washing area right next to the servant’s room which is good to avoid any interference in the main house area.

The main Living and Dining Area of this apartment in DLF Aralias has roof cassette air conditioners, while all other bedrooms have split air conditioners, all in perfect working condition.

The Kitchen is fully equipped with modern fit outs and is extremely well designed, set in white color, it offers great ambiance even in the kitchen. It comes with a double door refrigerator, microwave, oven, hob, chimney and other features that make it interesting experience in the kitchen.

Here are some Actual Pictures & Videos of this Apartment:

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