Furnished Homes in Gurgaon

Most of the furnished homes in Gurgaon that you find are not really upto the standard for an Expat or for a person looking for quality furnished accommodation in Gurgaon. It is interesting to understand the reasons behind this…

There are primarily two kinds of furnished homes that are available in Gurgaon, first being those, where the Landlord has moved to another city, second are those where the landlord had extra furniture and has placed this used furniture in an apartment and offering as a furnished home, the third is where a service provider has taken the apartment from the landlord and is furnishing it and renting it out.

In either of the cases, the whole idea of the Landlord is to increase the ROI and try to get as much on the rental value as possible. In some cases where the landlord has moved to another city, they try to avoid moving the furniture as it entails more moving costs as well as wear and tear of the furniture. These furnished homes which are left as furnished by the landlords who are moving to another destination are actually quite nice, considering the fact that the landlords were using the premises themselves, it is normally found that these are better kept and with better quality of furniture.

Also on the other hand, specific agencies that are professionally carrying out the business of furnishing and renting the apartments is also quite interesting, as these service providers would give complete services just like serviced apartments. However, the costs may be too high.

Gurgaon offers cheap maid services and cleaning and laundry services. The cooks etc are also available at a nominal costs. In fact some of the communities the ladies have even taken up initiative to cook food and supply within the community.

Overall, the most interesting ones are the ones which are being vacated by the owners who are moving to another destination, these offer good quality interiors as well as better prices than the serviced apartment providers.

Here are some such homes that are available with us :

Very Well Furnished Apartment in Grand Arch

Fully Furnished Villa with Private Pool

Furnished Apartment in Grand Arch

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