2 BHK Simplex for Rent Grand Arch

This is a fantastic 2 BHK Simplex for Rent Grand Arch, while there are only about 50 apartments in all in this category in the community, it is quite difficult to get a hold of one of these premium small compact apartments. These 2 BHK Simplex Apartments are only a hand full and are located only in Tower B within the Ireo Grand Arch Community.

This specific apartment comes with an added advantage of having Curtains already provided. The cost of curtains would otherwise be about 50 K if you had to get them on your own.

Here are some actual footage of this fantastic 2 BHK Simplex for Rent  Grand Arch. The reason why a lot of people prefer the simplex apartment in Grand Arch is that it offers the ability to live on heights and has a balcony.

Monthly Costs:
Rent: Call Us for the Best Deal !!

Video of 2 BHK Simplex in Grand Arch:

Images of 2 BHK Simplex Grand Arch:

You may also like to see Furnished 2 Bedroom Simplex in Ireo Grand Arch and other posts on Ireo Grand Arch. Apart from this, there are other options of 2 BHK Duplex Apartments for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch, which may be interesting for you, while the simplex apartments are in a high rise tower, the duplex are located in the mid rise apartment buildings within Grand Arch.

We have multiple choices of apartments both semi furnished as well as fully furnished apartments in Ireo Grand Arch, the other size choices at Grand Arch are 3 Bedroom + SQ and 4 Bedroom + SQ.

Our team is located within Grand Arch and will be always happy to help !! We are just a phone call away, the advantage of working with us is that you will get prompt response as well as confirmed inventory and no miscommunication.

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