2 BHK Simplex for Rent in Grand Arch

This is a fantastic 2 Bedroom Simplex Apartment for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch, while there are only about 50 apartments in all in this category in the community, it is quite difficult to get a hold of one of these premium small compact apartments. These 2 BHK Simplex Apartments are only a hand full and are located only in Tower B within the Ireo Grand Arch Community.

This specific apartment comes with an added advantage of having Curtains already provided. The cost of curtains would otherwise be about 50 K if you had to get them on your own.

Here are some actual footage of this fantastic 2 BHK Simplex Apartment for Rent in Grand Arch.

Monthly Costs:
Rent: Call Us for the Best Deal !!

Video of 2 BHK Simplex in Grand Arch:

Images of 2 BHK Simplex Grand Arch:

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