Testimonials What they Say About Us.

  • When I was moving from Switzerland to Gurgaon, India. I started my search of quality homes online and came upon QuickRent.in, what I liked about their blog is the actual pictures and videos were very descriptive of the various luxury properties. I just sent them a query and was pleasantly surprised with the kind of interaction that happened thereafter, Harry took me through each and every detail of the various elements of luxury communities of Gurgaon and helped me shortlist a really good community with superb finish quality with a smooth transaction. I would recommend every expat to use their services !!

    Kurt Straub – Hyatt Regency Hotels.

  • We were relocating from Singapore and I had already started seeing a few options through some other brokers, while doing so, I searched the net for a specific community and popped up the name of QuickRent.in, I was already quite in shock with the kind of service I was getting from other brokers after having experienced a certain quality of service in Singapore, so I still casually called these guys, In the first instance itself, after speaking to Harry, I knew, that this guy will be able to actually help us in getting what we really need. While I called for another community, but ended up taking a beautiful private house with a private pool at Tatvam, it has been a happy stay and a smooth transaction for us with QuickRent.in

    Anand - HSBC

  • I was moving from the uk and wanted to rent a quality condo, I found listings of some of the best apartments in Gurgaon on this website, so I went ahead and rented at Ireo Grand Arch, the good thing is that the team is very well versed and have the ability to listen (mostly missing with other brokers) to the vision and deliver it. I specifically wanted the balconies to be north or east and an apartment in a specific block on a higher floor, that is exactly what they got me.

    Sandeep Gill- Diya Fashions, UK.

  • I moved from the United Kingdom when I took up an assignment with one of the leading Fashion Houses in India, as it is, it is a daunting task to get your mind to agree to live in India as things are not very organized, but at least my home search was taken care of well by QuickRent team, they got me a nice Villa with a Private Pool in Tatvam.

    Alex Ferriera – Lecoanet Hemanth

  • I was already located within a nice residential community called ireo Grand Arch, however, wasn’t really happy with the furniture quality in the apartment, QuickRent team was quick to find me a good apartment with better furniture and helped us complete the formalities with smooth transition from the existing apartment to the new better apartment within Ireo Grand Arch.

    Jose Maria – Pilot

  • We keep investing in Gurgaon in various commercial properties, Harry and the QuickRent team is quick to find us a good deal as well as help us in finding quality tenant every time. We choose to deal on an exclusive basis only with this team, as we trust them completely with all transactions.

    Rajiv Marwah - Sibrama