Ireo Grand Arch

Apartments for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch

Ireo Grand Arch is a new residential community which has recently been delivered and is strategically located off the Golf Course Extn. Road. The highlight of Ireo Grand Arch is the fact that the club area and other amenities have been extremely well appointed.

The club is truly international in standards and offers almost everything that one could think of…starting from a state of the art gymnasium, large size swimming pool, squash court and even a bowling alley to name a few of the things that have been delivered at this luxury community in Gurgaon.

Apartments at Ireo Grand Arch for Rent start at 1,375 sq.ft. for a small manageable simplex 2 bedroom apartment, 1,675 sq.ft. of Duplex 2 Bedroom Apartment, 2,100 sq.ft. of 3 Bedroom and 2,800 sq.ft. of 4 bedroom apartments, there are other sizes as well within the Grand Arch, however these are the major sizes of apartments and configurations that are available at The Grand Arch.

In case you are looking for apartments for rent in Grand Arch, please feel free to write to us or call us, we have multiple choices at the best possible prices and some of the key locations with Ireo Grand Arch. Our team will be happy to assist you in your pursuit to Rent Apartment in Grand Arch.

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Soberly Furnished Apartment for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch

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Bowling Alley at Ireo Grand Arch

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Pictures of the Club House at Ireo Grand Arch:

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