Tata Raisina Residency

Apartments for Rent in Raisina Residency

Tata Raisina or Raisina Residency is one of the first residential communities to be delivered on this Golf Course Extn. Road. The Apartments start from a 1,800 sq.ft. to 6,000 sq.ft. and also about 4 luxury villas in this residential community.  The configurations of apartments for rent in Raisina Residency range from 3 bedroom to 6 bedroom apartments.

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There is a provision store within the community and the apartments are well laid out and nicely appointed with all modern day amenities. Raisina Residency comes with 100% power back up facility and with a large size club house featuring Kids Pool, A Heated Pool and a Large Outdoor Pool apart from having a state of the art gymnasium and many other features within the club house.

There is  a lot of open green space within the community and one can hear the birds chirping almost all day long as well as you can notice butterflies flying around at Raisina Residency Gurgaon.

In case you are looking to Rent an apartment in Raisina Residency, we can surely help, we have multiple apartments for rent in Raisina Residency Gurgaon and can help you get the desired size and location within this fantastic community.

Negatives: The only negative in this community is that the area is not yet fully developed and the access road is a bit narrow and not to well organized at this point in time, this of course would change in the future.

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