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Gurgaon – The War of the Clubs

No, don’t get it wrong, this is not a X Box Game and neither it is a war of night clubs, this is something totally different and exciting !! As more and more modern apartment communities come into existence in Gurgaon. It seems to have started a kind of an unsaid war among the developers and builders of these modern communities in Gurgaon, which is turning out to be really beneficial for the residents as well as the owners of properties in these new-age residential communities in Gurgaon.

We all witnessed the game changing clubs of The Magnolias followed by many other clubs at various communities like Ireo Grand Arch, MGF Vilas and a few others which became the “talks of the town” and did manage to pull the crowds to live in them, not to mention these did also increase the rental values of these properties for the landlords and owners of these apartments.

These are all ok, but the one that we are likely to witness in times to come is of a totally different magnitude, seemingly the mother of all residential clubs in Gurgaon. We are talking about none other than The VIP Club @ M3M Golf Estate. Yes, the word is out that this luxury apartment community in Gurgaon is going to have three mammoth sized (35,000 sq. ft. each) clubs within the complex, one of which is almost ready to serve the residents.

In case you are looking to upgrade your lifestyle and looking for Apartments for rent in M3M Golf Estate, we can help you find the ideal apartment. Call us on 8010 567 567.

Here is the preview of the one that is ready, we hope you like what you see:

Extremely Well Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

While there would be other apartments for rent in Magnolias, but when an owner leaves for another destination to rent out their property, its a different matter all together. The reason is simple, any owner in Magnolias would have furnished the apartment in a much nicer way than those landlords who typically have done furnishings for the purpose of renting out.

This specific exclusively furnished apartment for rent in Magnolias comes with state of the art furnishings as the owners have decided to move abroad and would like to lease this fantastic apartment to a credible tenant, the preference of course is to have the apartment leased out to an Expat or a Senior Indian Executive working with a multinational.

This beautifully furnished apartment in Magnolias comes in the configuration of 3 Spacious Bedrooms, A family Lounge, Living and Dining and a beautiful cozy Bar.

Here are some actual pictures of this exclusively furnished apartment for rent in Magnolias


Most of the rooms have electronically controlled Curtains, The entire house is wired with a state of the art Bose Music System. Multiple Televisions and the Kitchen is equipped with state of the art Oven, Microwave, Dish Washer, Hob & Chimney, The washing area has a large size state of the art washing machine with dryer.

Living & Dining

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom


TV Lounge


Terrace & Views


ireo grand arch gurgaon

Ireo Grand Arch Gurgaon

Another distinct advantage at Ireo Grand Arch Gurgaon is the fact that the apartment sizes are small, yet this residential community offers some of the best facilities in Gurgaon in terms of the Club House, Security and other facilities.

If you see the other Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon, it is evident that you would end up finding that most of the luxury apartment communities in Gurgaon offer larger sizes of apartments, so in case there is a small family of 3 or 4, to take up a large apartment may not make much sense, however in case you look to rent an apartment in ireo grand arch, then this challenge is well met.

Apartments for rent in ireo grand arch start from as small as 1300 sq.ft. for a 2 bedroom apartment, 2100 sq.ft. for a 3 bedroom apartment and 2800 sq.ft. of 4 bedroom apartment for rent in Gurgaon.

Rentals at Ireo Grand Arch

Rentals at Ireo Grand Arch

The current rentals are in the price range of between Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/- for a 2 Bedroom Apartment going up to Rs. 50,000/- to 55,000/- for a 3 Bedroom Apartment and Rs. 60,000/- to 70,000/- for a 4 Bedroom Apartment as the base rent, on top of this there are two other charges that you should consider at Ireo Grand Arch, the Maintenance Charges and the Club Charges, which put together work out to about Rs. 8,000/- in case of a 2 Bedroom Apartment, 12,000/- in case of a 3 Bedroom Apartment and Rs. 16,000/- in case of a 4 Bedroom Apartment at The Grand Arch.

While the Rent at Ireo Grand Arch is not stable right now being a new luxury residential community in Gurgaon, however, it seems to be on the lower end of the real rental value of these luxury apartments for rent in Gurgaon.

Our estimates suggest that the rentals in Ireo Grand Arch should be moving upwards in the next 6 to 8 months, considering the superior quality features and facilities provided at ireo Grand Arch.

Spacious Balconies at Ireo Grand Arch

Grand Arch for Rent

The balcony size of ireo Grand Arch Apartments is another very interesting aspect of these luxury apartments. While a whole lot of other residential communities in Gurgaon offer apartments which have balconies, but only for the name sake, on the contrary, at Ireo Grand Arch, the balconies are very functional and have a lot of space. The reason is that these balconies are better designed and have been built much broader than the normal balconies.

At least one can use the balconies to create space for a proper seating and planters to be able to use the space in the right manner.  Anyone who is fond of having lots of plants and yet have a lot of open space in the balconies should consider to rent an apartment in ireo Grand Arch.

There are a host of options of Apartments for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch ranging from a 2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK Apartments, apart from this there are also 2 Bedroom Duplex and Penthouses to choose from. In case you are looking for Ireo Grand Arch for Rent, then please feel free to connect with us.

Amazing VRV Air Cons at Ireo Grand Arch

Ireo Grand Arch Rent

The VRV Air conditioning at The Ireo Grand Arch is quite awesome, silent and well appointed, the air conditioning is an important aspect when you are living in a city like Delhi/Gurgaon with over 8 months of hot summers, it is imperative that you have seamless Air Conditioning within the apartment, so that when you get back home, it is just a click away to switch on and cool quickly to help you live a comfortable life.

At ireo Grand Arch, the VRV air conditioning is provided by Toshiba, one of the electronic brand which has been associated with quality in whatever they manufacture. Toshiba has to its credit some of the finest  laptops and televisions produced in the world.

One of the greatest advantage of the VRV system of air conditioning installed at Ireo Grand Arch is the fact that one doesn’t have to keep the entire system running all the time, just use the room that you want to turn on and pay only for the used consumption based on that room.

We believe that Ireo Grand Arch is a great community to live, specially for Expats in Gurgaon as well as for senior corporate executives looking for Apartments for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch, there seems to be everything desirable available in this luxury apartment community in Gurgaon.

Grand Arch Gurgaon

Grand Arch Gurgaon Rent

When it comes to peace and silence inside your home, The Double Glazed Windows make all the difference. We believe that Ireo Grand Arch is one of it’s kind residential community that offers Double Glazed Genuine Windows that actually stop the dust, heat and sound pollution and allows for a silence that helps in a comfortable sleep at night.