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Here you should be able to view Apartments for Rent in all the niche colonies of South Delhi

Furnished Apartment For Rent in W Block GK II

Furnished Apartment for Rent in South Delhi

South Delhi is without a doubt the most upmarket living area among urban areas in Delhi, apart from farm houses and country style living in some of the other parts of Delhi. There are quite a few residential communities within South Delhi, however, not all of them would fit into the luxury lifestyle space.


Apartments for Rent in W Block – GK II

Among the various luxury locations in South Delhi, W Block in Greater Kailash II is definitely one of the most premium blocks to find apartments for rent in Greater Kailash II, the primary reason for this is that the plot sizes are large and the creme de la creme live in this vicinity. Each plot is about 1000 yards or more and that is what makes this as one of the most sought after locations for luxury living in South Delhi.

While it is not easy to find apartments for rent in W Block in GK II, it is even rare to find something that is exclusively built and with a huge Terrace Garden on the Roof.

Apartments for Rent Near Nehru Place and Okhla

If you are an expat or a senior executive with a large corporation or an Industrialist having office in Nehru Place, Okhla or even Noida and would still like to live in the posh area of Greater Kailash II and looking to find apartments for rent near Nehru Place, apartments for rent near Okhla, then this might just be the best option for you.


Furnished Apartment for Rent in W Block GK II

This is an apartment built on 1100 sq.yards located on the 2nd Floor and comes with a very exclusive roof top terrace garden, something that is rare to find in urban areas of South Delhi. The apartment originally being a 4 bedroom has been converted into a 3 bedroom + A TV Lounge + Living Area + Bar Area + Dining Area + Kitchen and the Roof Top Terrace with a Green House, it also comes with 4 car parking spaces and a private lift servicing the apartment. The apartment comes with 24×7 security and domestic help to take care of the cleaning and cooking at the apartment. (option to retain the existing staff is totally upto the tenant.)

Here are some of the high lights of the apartment:

  • Premium Location
  • Not on the Main Road, so tucked away from the Noise.
  • 24×7 Security.
  • 100% Power Back Up.
  • Private Lift to the Property.
  • Ample Dedicated Car Parking.
  • Well designed and Well Kept Private Roof Top Terrace.
  • For Evening Parties, A Well Lit Terrace with mood lighting.
  • Music with Outdoor Speakers on the Roof Top Terrace.
  • Water Falling Water Body on the Terrace.
  • Large Spacious Rooms.
  • Lots of Greenery around the Property with large trees.
  • Master Bedroom with a private bar.
  • Well trained Domestic Help already in place.
  • Clean & Well Maintained indoors and outdoors.
  • Close to one of the most sought after premium shopping district – Saket District Center (Hosting Malls like “Select City Walk”)


Lobby Area


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom


Living Area

Dining Area

TV Lounge

Bar Area

Roof Top Terrace

Terrace at Night




Apartments in Malcha Marg

Apartments for Rent in Malcha Marg

Malcha Marg has remained a preferred location to live for our Expat Guests for years, especially the ones who are working with Embassies and other Foreign Government offices in India. Apart from being one of the closest location to the existing Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi, Malcha Marg remains to be one of the upmarket residential colonies in Delhi. Essentially, Malcha Marg is part of a greater community called Chanakyapuri in New Delhi. While “Marg” in Indian language means “Road”, Malcha Marg would literally mean “Malcha Road”, which happens to be one of the prominent roads within Chanakyapuri, hosting residential properties and small neighborhood markets with eateries, bakeries and delis.

Primarily the plot sizes in Malcha Marg are 375 sq.yards, 500 sq.yards & 800 sq.yards. There are two kinds of homes for rent in Malcha Marg location, these can be divided into two primary categories: Independent Houses for Rent in Malcha Marg and Builder Floors for Rent in Malcha Marg.

For those who are not familiar with the terminology, Independent House or Bungalows for Rent in Malcha Marg would mean an independent home that is built on a specific plot size, these of course would be single family homes that one can take on rent.

A builder floor on the other hand in an Indian context would mean multiple independent floors created on a single plot, in which case there would be multiple families living on these independent floors within one structure that is built on a single plot. Each Independent floor for rent in Malcha Marg would have an independent access either with a lift or without a lift.

In Delhi, typically, you will be able to rent an entire floor for one family. In most cases there are 2, 3 or 4 floors constructed on a single plot of land in Delhi.

The variations of accommodation in Malcha Marg would typically be starting from a 2 Bedroom and going up all the way to about 8 bedrooms for larger independent houses built on 800 yards. Among the various apartment and bungalow types you will find both Old and Newly renovated homes. While the older ones retain the old world charm, the renovated homes offer fresh modern interiors with brand new fittings and refurbished bathrooms etc.

Here is a Map of Malcha Marg and Chanakyapuri:


Best Areas to Live in New Delhi

Best Areas to Live in New Delhi

While the definition of Best Areas to Live in New Delhi would not change much be it for Indians or for Expats living in New Delhi, however this specific article is written for our Expat Guests to understand New Delhi and the preferred locations for Expats and overall Best Areas to Live in New Delhi.

Just like any other city in the world, New Delhi too is divided primarily into North, South, East & West & Of course Central Delhi. For the purpose of Expat Accommodation in New Delhi, you can forget about the North, East & West Delhi completely and stay focused on Central & South Delhi. The big question is Why? Well, the primary reason for Expats to live in Central & South Delhi is the proximity to the diplomatic area or their respective embassies being located in Central Delhi (Chanakyapuri Area) & some smaller embassies and High Commissions of various smaller countries being even located in South of Delhi (Vasant Vihar Area).

For starters, it is obvious that there is clear direction from the local embassies to live within a specific radius of the Embassy Location, which of course is a valid point to be able to serve the individuals well in case of a need of evacuation etc. But that is not only the reason, there are two more factors that have made the South of Delhi as a preferred location for the Expat Community in New Delhi, lets discuss these factors one by one.

1st : The Location: The location of South Delhi has a fantastic access to and from Central Delhi and that itself has been one of the most important factors in South Delhi becoming a prime location not just for the Expats but also for the wealthy Indians who own most of the real estate in this part of the city. When the Diplomatic Area in New Delhi fell short of space to provide for the Embassies, the government allowed some key residential areas in South of Delhi to be used by Embassies within the residential areas of South Delhi. This too has been part of the success story for the South Delhi Areas.

2nd : The Exclusivity:  This of course has to do with the 1st to a large extent. Just like any other part of the world, location drives the prices and the exclusivity factor. South Delhi is no different. While the location drove the wealthy to acquire land in this vicinity, once the community of wealthy started growing in this vicinity, the exclusivity of the location became automatic, its like one thing led to another and at the end of the day, South Delhi started to be recognized as “The Upmarket Area of Delhi” and remains to be for years to come too. The demand of homes in South Delhi from the various Expat communities like the ones working either in Embassies or other Foreign Offices of various states led to higher rentals in this area and for that reason some key colonies of South Delhi remain to be ever in demand, making these colonies of South Delhi as the Best Areas to Live in Delhi.

Now that you understand why South Delhi is the preferred location for Expats to live, the word of caution is that not all locations within South Delhi would fit the bill for best areas for expats to live in Delhi. Since the article is primarily to help Expats in the understanding of the best areas to live in Delhi, it would be a waste of time to talk about the areas that are not workable, so I would rather restrict my comments on the locations that are workable and worthwhile.

Here is the list of Colonies within Central and South Delhi that have come to be the most sought after locations for Expat Accommodation in Delhi (You can click on each location to find out about the various living options available in each of these locations):

  1. Apartments for Rent in Chanakyapuri
  2. Apartments for Rent in Malcha Marg
  3. Apartments for Rent in Golf Links
  4. Apartments for Rent in Jor Bagh
  5. Apartments for Rent in Vasant Vihar
  6. Apartments for Rent in Anand Niketan
  7. Apartments for Rent in Shanti Niketan
  8. Apartments for Rent in Westend
  9. Apartments for Rent in Defence Colony
  10. Apartments for Rent in Hauz Khas
  11. Apartments for Rent in Sarvodaya Enclave
  12. Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok
  13. Apartments for Rent in Niti Bagh
  14. Apartments for Rent in Gulmohar Park
  15. Apartments for Rent in Nizzamudin East
  16. Apartments for Rent in Greater Kailash I and II
  17. Apartments for Rent in Panchsheel Park
  18. Apartments for Rent in Friends Colony
  19. Apartments for Rent in New Friends Colony
  20. Apartments for Rent in Green Park
  21. Apartments for Rent in Sarvpriya Vihar
  22. Apartments for Rent in Safdurjung Enclave
  23. Apartments for Rent in SDA (Safdurjung Development Area)
  24. Apartments for Rent in Pamposh Enclave

Although the best recommendations are based on various factors for choosing a specific location for Expats, it would not be correct to look at these areas as listed in order of preference, while some of these areas may be the first choice for expats living in Delhi, however, there are multiple factors like location of work place, a pre-defined budget, overall look and feel of a specific colony, the family size, the desired size of accommodation and a whole lot of other factors that come into play…

Our well versed team works on understanding your vision and requirement, and based on that recommends the various opportunities that exist within the parameters defined by you. The bottom line being to keep your interest as primary and use our experience and understanding of the market place to make sure that we deliver your vision and make your life comfortable for the duration of stay in Delhi.

Furnished Apartment for Rent in Defence Colony

Furnished Apartment for Rent in Defence Colony New Delhi

This is a fully furnished apartment for rent in Defense Colony available for rent to a company or an expatriate. The apartment is nicely furnished and is located on the top floor & comes with 2 car parking spots. This is a 3 bedroom apartment with a spacious living and dining area along with a nice large terrace.

This furnished apartment for rent in Defence Colony is well maintained, well lit and the furniture is in good shape. The apartment comes with a fully loaded kitchen with a large size refrigerator & a washing machine with a separate dedicated washing area.

This Furnished Apartment in Defence Colony is available for long lease, minimum of 1 year and above.

Here are some “ACTUAL PICTURES” of this fantastic Furnished Apartment for Rent in Defence Colony.

Refurbished Apartment in Golf Links

Homes for Rent in Golf Links, New Delhi

This apartment for rent in Golf Links retails the old charm while having been renovated nicely, keeping the old charm of mosaic flooring intact. The apartment is located in Golf Links faces a park and is spread over 2 levels. There are Living/Dining, Kitchen and 2 Bedrooms on the First Floor, while the 2nd Floor offers 1 Bedroom along with a large size terrace.

This apartment for rent in Golf Links has been recently revamped with a modern kitchen, clean and spic flooring, each bathroom has been converted into up to date modern bathroom and offers great living in one of the best neighborhoods of Central Delhi.

Here are some “ACTUAL PICTURES” of this fantastic apartment for rent in Golf Links

Brand New Apartments for Rent in Golf Links

Brand New Apartments for Rent in Golf Links, New Delhi

This is a fantastically located apartment located on the First & Second Floor with a completely dedicated separate entrance, allowing the tenant to have uninterrupted living option without any interference from other people living on the ground floor.  As you would know that Golf Links mostly offers old style homes, however this apartment for rent in Golf Links is completely refurbished with state of the art finish quality and a brand new modern kitchen.

This Apartment for Rent in Golf Links is set up as a 3 Bedroom Apartment with 2 Bedrooms on the First Floor and 1 Bedroom on the 2nd Floor. There is also a huge terrace on the 2nd Floor that offers a lot of open space for barbecue and sit out area.

Ideally suited for Expats wanting to live on rent in Golf Links. The property is Pets Friendly.

Here are some “ACTUAL PICTURES” of this fabulous Apartment for Rent in Golf Links. In case you are looking for apartments on rent in Golf Links, we have more options to choose from.

New Apartments for Rent in Anand Lok

Anand Lok is among one of the key posh colonies of Delhi, located in the South of Delhi, Anand Lok has become a key locality for both high net worth Indian families as well as for expatriates working with Embassies and other Multinational companies in Delhi.