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Exclusive Penthouse for Rent in Magnolias

Furnished Penthouse for Rent in DLF Magnolias

While there is no doubt that DLF Magnolias remains to be one of the best residential communities to live in Gurgaon, however, within the apartments available at DLF Magnolias, this specific Furnished Penthouse for Rent in Magnolias is probably one of the best apartments in Magnolias.

This tastefully furnished apartment for rent in Magnolias is done up in a modern contemporary way and addresses the needs of a modern day CEO or an Industrialist catering to his or her needs to socialize in a certain way. Perfectly designed to cater to the needs of those who are looking to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The entrance lobby has a nice appeal to it as you enter the house, with nice art pieces complimenting the elegant lifestyle.

The Dining Area of this fabulous furnished penthouse for rent in Magnolias is designed to host a large number of guests, obviously, anyone at your level of stature would certainly have a large circle of friends who you would like to invite over for a lavish dinner.

A well appointed spacious kitchen with a central island makes this kitchen specially designed for you to express and experiment with your culinary skills for the family and the guests. Loads of storage in the Kitchen and all the modern gadgets designed to keep life simple and functional.

The Living Room has been done up in a simple, yet cozy manner with an artificial fire place and separate sitting arrangements for the privacy of the invited guests, where they can choose to be among the group while enjoying a private chat with someone close. The lavish bar with a built in Wine Cooler is an addition to this exquisite penthouse for rent in Magnolias.

No guests would feel ignored in this house, with the lavish guest bedroom on the lower level designed as a suite setting with a dedicated sitting area for private viewing of your favorite television shows, fitted with a Bose multi room entertainment system at your fingertips, a study table to work, there is nothing that you will miss in this beautifully laid out room.

The Master Bedroom on the Upper Level of the Apartment is very soberly done up with light colors and the master bathroom is fitted with an elevated bath tub that adds to the grace of the well appointed bathroom for this master bedroom. The master bedroom is also in a suite setting with a separate yet attached sitting area with television, music entertainment etc. Large closet area compliments the need for space for your designer clothing and shoes.

Two more bedrooms on the upper level are well appointed with all that one needs to live a happy, satisfied life in this beautifully done up furnished apartment for rent in Magnolias.

The views from the apartment are stunning, overlooking the golf course and specially the golf lake. Right below is the view of the fantastic swimming pool of Magnolias.

The Large Terrace with a Bar Counter overlooking the Golf Greens and the Magnolias Swimming Pool is an eye catching feature. The detailing on the Terrace has led to a special fire place on the Terrace to enjoy a cozy winter evening around the fire place, while enjoying a great evening with friends and family.

Duplex Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

Duplex Apartment for Rent in DLF Magnolias

While there are mostly Simplex Apartments for Rent in Magnolias, there are however, limited number of Duplex Apartments for Rent in Magnolias.

These Duplex Apartments for Rent in Magnolias are located in the Corner Buildings within the DLF Magnolias Complex.

This specific Duplex Apartment for Rent in DLF Magnolias is located on middle floors in one of the towers in Magnolias. The apartment is decently furnished and offers some good quality finish quality.

In case you are a large family or someone who likes large spaces to live in, then you might want to consider taking this Duplex Apartment in Magnolias on Rent

Here are some Actual Pictures of this Duplex Apartment in Magnolias:

Duplex Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

Duplex Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

There are a select few Duplex Apartments in Magnolias and even a fewer that are available for rent. This specific apartment is located on the 18th Floor and is one of the better located duplex apartment in Magnolias.

The apartment is split into two levels, with a total of 5 Bedrooms. The Living & Dining Area along with the Kitchen and 1 Bedroom are located on the Lower Level and 4 Bedrooms on the Upper Level.

The apartment is reasonably well done up and offers a lot of space for those who like to live in spacious homes. The apartment overlooks the Golf Greens and the Swimming Pool within the compound. It comes with VRV Air Conditioning with both Heating & Cooling.

Here are some actual pictures of this Duplex Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

Videos of this Duplex Apartment for Rent in Magnolias


Master Bedroom

Another Bedroom

Penthouse for Rent in DLF Magnolias

Furnished Penthouse for Rent in Magnolias

This is a fantastic duplex penthouse for Rent in DLF Magnolias, measures a whopping 10,000 sq.ft. spread on two levels. The apartment has been very tastefully done with state of the art fittings and finish quality. The furniture with the apartment is mostly designer furniture from brands like FENDI and the likes.

This fabulous Duplex Penthouse for Rent in Magnolias allows for a lot of space for large families as it has 6 Bedrooms as well as providing for the much needed privacy, considering that it is spread over two levels.

Rent: Rs. 9,00,000/- Per Month.

Here are some actual pictures of this beautiful Duplex Penthouse for Rent in Magnolias:

Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

DLF Magnolias is without a doubt one of the premium residential communities in Gurgaon, owing to it overlooking the DLF Golf Greens and for being very centrally located within Gurgaon. There are options to find Apartments for rent in DLF Magnolias which are semi-furnished as well as Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent in DLF Magnolias.

While mostly you would find semi-furnished apartments in DLF Magnolias, however, every once in a while, one does get to find a fully furnished apartment in DLF Magnolias. These Furnished apartments in Magnolias are mostly occupied by Expats and the furnishings are well maintained. Expats moving to Gurgaon typically do not want to invest in furniture, considering the fact that they have a limited time assignment and when they have to leave, the furniture does not fetch a good value and it is a loss for them. That is the reason, why some investors and owners have furnished the apartments in Magnolias.

These apartments of course go on a slight premium above the semi furnished apartments, which one can consider as a convenience cost and the cost towards the wear and tear of the furnishings.

Here are the actual pictures and videos of one of the Fully Furnished Apartment in Magnolias, which is located on a Higher Floor in one of the premium towers of the community.

Living & Dining Area

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DLF Magnolias Pics

DLF Magnolias Pics

It is always interesting to view images and videos to be able to understand a specific community, we have compiled Pictures of DLF Magnolias for the discerning clients who are looking to rent an apartment in Magnolias, Gurgaon.

It makes a lot of sense when you are moving from another country to Gurgaon to be able to see some actual pictures rather than to visualize based on what someone else may be telling you, so here are some actual Pictures of DLF Magnolias which is one of the Luxury Apartment Community in Gurgaon.


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Lift Lobbies:

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Fully Furnished Apartments:

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DLF Magnolias Videos

DLF Magnolias Videos

Seeing is believing, so we added some videos of apartments for rent in Magnolias. We hope you like these apartments and the overall feel of DLF Magnolias. Specially created for the Expats moving from abroad to get a sense of what they can expect when they rent an apartment in DLF Magnolias.

P.S.: The videos are in a Playlist, you can browse different videos by pressing the next track key…

Please feel free to browse through our videos of DLF Magnolias below:

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Higher Floor Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

Higher Floor For Rent in Magnolias

Dlf Magnolias remains as a preferred home away from home for most of our Expat Guests, primarily due to it being one of the Golf Apartments in Gurgaon and of course being very centrally located. There are always a host of Expats living in DLF Magnolias when they choose to come and live in Gurgaon. DLF Magnolias as apartments offer a very secured lifestyle clubbed with great external ambiance with modern exquisite lift lobbies and contemporary apartments to live in.

There are options of renting both semi-furnished as well as furnished apartments at DLF Magnolias with a price gap of about Rs. 50,000 to about Rs. 1,00,000 per month between semi furnished and fully furnished apartments in Magnolias depending upon the quality of furnishings and white goods being provided with the specific apartments for rent in Magnolias. The base rent varies between Rs. 3,00,000/- to Rs. 3,25,000/- per month and the maintenance charges on top of the base rent are in the range of about Rs. 35,000/- per month.

Here is one apartment located on a Higher Floor for Rent in Magnolias which is located in one of the premium towers of Magnolias, please feel free to browse through the images of the Apartment. Apart from this, we do have multiple apartments for rent in Magnolias at any given point in time.