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Ireo Skyon Club – Update

Good News !! The Gym at Ireo Skyon is operational and the rest of the club facilities also underway and should be operational very soon. At this point in time, the the Squash Courts and the Gym are operational and the swimming pool is filled up to testing. Here are some pictures of the community gymnasium.

Expats Living in Gurgaon

We have worked with several expatriate clients and helped them settle down in Gurgaon, in my experience, the communities that the expatriates have liked and are living in are the following:

Super Luxury Golf ApartmentsThe Aralias (Rentals in the Range of 2.25 Lacs to 3 Lacs/Month), The Magnolias , The Camellias (Rentals in the Range of 3 Lacs to 4.5 Lacs/Month),

Super Luxury ApartmentsThe Verandas (Rentals in the Range of 1.6 Lacs to 3 Lacs/Month). The Palm Springs (Offers Villas & Apartments Rentals in the Range of 1.10 Lacs to 3 Lacs/Month)

Other Communities Preferred by Expatriates in GurgaonThe Pinnacle, The Belaire & The Park Place, ireo Grand Arch , Ireo Skyon, M3M Golf Estate  , The Crest (Rentals in the Range of INR 55,000 to 2,00,000 Lacs /Month). The apartments range from 2 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom Luxury Apartments.

In some cases, the Expatriates who don’t mind going an extra distance are also living in Luxury Villas for Rent in Gurgaon, which are a little far from the city center. Some of the Preferred Villa Communities for Expats in Gurgaon would be the likes of Tatvam Villas (Villas with Private Pools Rental Range from 85,000 to 2 Lacs), MGF Vilas  The Palm Springs &  Eldeco Mansionz

P.S. Please feel free to Click on the Links to take you to the actual images and video footage of each community. Write to us for a report on Expat Homes in Gurgaon. The best would be to call our consultants to help you choose the best suited accommodation for you. Call Us on +91 8010 567 567

Where do Expats Live in Gurgaon?

Where do Expats Live in Gurgaon?

There has been a great deal of companies hiring expats from across the world to work in Gurgaon. The first thing that expats need to know when they are hired abroad is the living conditions in Gurgaon and whether or not they would be able to find a lifestyle if not same as their native country, but at least something that they could feel comfortable living in with their families.

While it is difficult to cater to every expectation of the expat customers, considering the vast gap between where they come from and the overall development of the country and the city of Gurgaon, however, there has been a stead flow of expats coming and living in Gurgaon.

As for the Expat Accommodation in Gurgaon is concerned, they are spread over across the spectrum depending on the budget and the size of accommodation that they require. Having said that there are some key communities that have come to become more preferred by the expats due to location, facilities and overall security and convenience.

From our experience of having worked with several expats who have moved to Gurgaon, we have understood that expats like clean environment and preferably new apartments to live in, apart from this expats like to have both convenient stores and good quality recreational facilities within the community to be able to come back home and enjoy a dip in the pool, play some game or hit the gym for a workout, relax in the steam and sauna and rejuvenate.

There are a few key communities that expats have kind of liked in Gurgaon and are living in these homes in Gurgaon, more information is available on this Link below:

Best Apartments for Expats in Gurgaon

Best Apartments for Expats in Gurgaon

Moving from another country to India is in a lot of ways a very different experience, specially for those who have never experienced India and are looking to move for the first time. When it comes to moving to another country and city, the first thing on the agenda is to find a suitable accommodation to make sure that you and the family is comfortable. Although the challenge of moving to India is already a daunting experience, considering the fact that things in India are not quite like they are in the more developed and organized nations. The one word for all that any expat experiences is “Chaos”. And rightly so, it is quite a difficult task to come from an organized society into a chaotic one.

Without digressing from the topic that this article is meant to be for helping expats find the “Best Apartments for Expats in Gurgaon“, I would like to list down a few thoughts, which I hope would be helpful to the readers like yourself. While it is difficult to say that any specific apartment is best place to live for expats in Gurgaon, however, over  a period of time, there are some favorites.

First things First, things are not as bad as they seem, there is a method to the madness and there are organized agencies that can help you settled down well in Gurgaon, especially in the Home Rentals domain, there are companies that can help you choose a home that fits best into your and your families need. The trouble with most of the rental agencies is that there is a disconnect between understanding the needs and churning the requirements internally to be able to offer the right solution, this disconnect is primarily due to the lack of listening and understanding capabilities, apart from this, the cultural difference changes the definition of Luxury for most of the people working in this domain.

An ideal person to help find the best apartments for expats in Gurgaon would be someone who has lived abroad and understands the lifestyle that the expats are used to living and then relate the same back to the existing homes in Gurgaon. A consultant who is not only willing to listen, but also has the acumen to understand the needs and deliver the options quickly, apart from this the consultant should have the ability to negotiate and complete the paper work to make sure everything is in order for you to feel at home in Gurgaon.

If you are able to find a consultant like this, life becomes a lot more easier, transaction smoother & the whole exercise becomes a pleasant experience rather than being chaotic.

When it comes to looking at various best apartments for expats in Gurgaon, there are a few apartment communities which are already inhabited by multiple expats who are living happily in these homes, well at least these are a few that one could safely say that these are the best choices among what exists in Gurgaon.

Here is the list of Best Apartments for Expats in Gurgaon based on the budget that you may have, considering that it is an important criteria, you can click on the links to each community and see the details with Actual Real Pictures, Real Videos and other intricate details of each of the listed communities:

Budget between Rs. 55,000 – Rs.70,000 – The Grand Arch

Budget between Rs. 70,000 to Rs.1,00,000 – DLF Park Place

Budget between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,25,000 – The Verandas

Budget between Rs. 3,25,000 to Rs. 4,00,000 – The Magnolias

Budget between Rs. 2,25,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 – The Aralias

In our experience, there are some expats who like to live in Villas, there are two complexes at the moment that offer a decent villa living in a secured gated community:

Budget between Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 – Palm Springs


Budget between Rs. 85,000 – Rs. 1,75,000 – Tatvam Villas

In case you are an Expat looking to have a good consultant by your side, please feel free to connect with me, it will be a pleasure to help you out, just like some of the other expat clients that I have helped in the past.

We look forward to hearing from you !!

Apartment for Rent in DLF Summit

Apartment for Rent in DLF Summit

Brand New Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon, never lived in, this apartment is located on the Golf Course Road and is furnished with all the white goods that one needs, like, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave, Geysers and everything that one would need for a comfortable living in Gurgaon.

The apartment is very nicely finished and is brand new, clean and airy. The apartment consists of 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Servant’s Room, Spacious Living & Dinging with Kitchen and balconies.

In case you are considering living on the Golf Course Road, this could be a very interesting option, The apartment is located in a residential community called “Summit” & Offers all amenities like a club house with Gym, Swimming Pool and other activities.

The apartment comes at a reasonable rent of Rs. 65,000 /- + Maintenance Cost. In case you are looking for apartment for rent in DLF Summit, please feel free to get in touch with us. At QuickRent, We have some of the finest apartments for rent in Gurgaon.

Here is the link to the Pictures of the Community

Here are the pictures to the specific apartment

Important for Expats

Living Options for Expats in Gurgaon

A lot of times, Expat clients come with a great desire to live in a villa, but it is better to know some facts before ending up in a soup.

As for the Independent Villas is concerned, especially the ones that are not within a managed community, I would strongly not recommend them for the following reasons:

  • No Power Back Up– In Gurgaon you can’t survive without an organized power back up. The power cuts will spoil your stay in Gurgaon. So, it is important that you stay in a community which has power back up.
  • Security – In an independent home, the security arrangements would have to be made by you, which would attract an additional cost.
  • Socializing– In a community, there is an opportunity to socialize and enjoy meeting people at the Club etc. In an independent bungalow which is not part of a community, it is very difficult to mingle with people and neighbors.
  • No common Club House– Independent bungalows do not offer the much needed recreational facilities, in such a scenario, you would have to look at taking external memberships to clubs to enjoy the facilities.
  • Maintenance Issues– Managed communities in Gurgaon offer 24×7 maintenance staff available on a phone call, which is very important especially for Expats, considering the fact that being in a new place, it ca be sometimes difficult to manage things on your own.

In case you still would like to go with a villa, there are some communities which offer Villas within a Gated Managed communities, Here are the links to some such communities:

Eldeco Mansionz :

Tatvam Villas:

The Palm Springs:

The Vilas:

Expats in Gurgaon

Expats in Gurgaon

Gurgaon today hosts a lot of Expats, considering the growth that the city has witnessed, it was inevitable to not have our dear foreign guests in Gurgaon. Most of the higher management for the multinational organizations operating out of Gurgaon are having Expats as their Heads and are working out of Gurgaon.

While Gurgaon may have evolved as a preferred destination for Operations for these Multinational Companies due to the talent pool available and for the fact that it is the closest possible destination to the New Delhi International Airport, which are some of the factors that have lead Gurgaon to lead the way for Multinational Corporations to come into Gurgaon. Having said that, the Expats still struggle to find Good Quality Homes in Gurgaon that can match up with their existing lifestyle back home.

There is one residential community called Tatvam Villas in Gurgaon, which has kind of become a preferred locality for Expats living in Gurgaon. The reason for this is that this is a Gated, Secured “Only Villas” Community that offers clean, green environment with lots of open spaces and to top it all, it offers a Private Swimming Pool in each Villa. These are probably the only Luxury Villas in Gurgaon for Rent, that offer a lifestyle as close as it gets to what one may call lifestyle back home.

Tatvam Villas Gurgaon for Rent offer a great lifestyle option for those expats who like open spaces and not living out of an apartment. Also Tatvam is much closer to some of the popular Expat Children’s Schools like GD Goenka & Pathways International.

Here is a link to the Video of Tatvam Villas for Rent in Gurgaon. Also here is a link to the actual real images of Tatvam Villas in Gurgaon

In case you are looking for Villas for Rent in Tatvam, then you could possibly reach out to us as we have some of the finest locations to rent in Tatvam Villas as well as good relationship with the landlords to help finalize a good transaction with favorable terms.

360 sq.yrds villa for rent in tatvam

360 yards Villa for Rent in Tatvam

This is a nicely finished villa for rent in Tatvam. The kitchen is modular and the light fittings etc are also somewhat better quality than some of the other villas in Tatvam.

The Villa opens up to the large back yard greens just like all the villas in Tatvam and one can enjoy nice walk in the lush green surroundings in the rear of the villa. The villa has a swimming pool, which is not currently maintained, however, once someone starts living in this villa at Tatvam, then it should be fine.

This villa is built on 360 sq.yrds and has 4 bedrooms and a study. Also the upper floor has a nice wooden deck to enjoy the sunlight or a morning coffee overlooking your own private swimming pool. The villa is well located within Tatvam Villas Complex in Gurgaon and offers good quality ambiance of lush green surroundings.

In case you are looking to rent a luxury villa in Gurgaon, or specifically looking for Tatvam Villas for Rent, we should be your preferred brokers, considering that we have some of the finest located villas at Tatvam Gurgaon.

Here are some pictures of this Luxury Villa for Rent in Gurgaon.

288 Yards Villa for Rent in Tatvam

288 Yards Villa for Rent in Tatvam Villas

This is a 288 sq.yrds. villa for rent in Tatvam. The villa has been modified to the extent that the back yard has been tiled instead of a green, the reason for doing this was to make it a low maintenance and avoid the dampness on the back walls. Also the swimming pool has been dismantled and has been filled up with sand. So this villa does not have a swimming pool, the reason to do this was to avoid unwanted mosquitoes breeding while the villa is not in use.

In case you are alright with taking this villa on rent without a swimming pool, then you can get in touch with us.

We work closely with landlords forVillas for Rent in Tatvam Villas, in case you are looking for a Tatvam Villa on Rent, then please feel free to call on us.

Here are some actual pictures of this villa:

Tatvam Gurgaon for Rent

Tatvam Gurgaon for Rent

This is a 360 sq.yrds Tatvam Villa for Rent at a prime location within the Tatvam Villa community. Being a corner villa this one is a three side open villa with open greens on all side. This is one of the rare villas that you will find for rent in Tatvam Villas.

This Luxury Villa for Rent in Gurgaon comes with a private swimming pool in one of the greenest residential communities of Gurgaon. Apart from the private swimming pool, there is also a club house within this luxury residential community in Gurgaon. Also each villa in Tatvam has a very open feel to it as there are no boundaries. Having said that Tatvam Villas come with 24×7 Security and centralized 100% Power Back Up, a rare thing to find in a villa scenario.

Here are some images of Tatvam Villas Gurgaon.