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Gurgaon – The War of the Clubs

No, don’t get it wrong, this is not a X Box Game and neither it is a war of night clubs, this is something totally different and exciting !! As more and more modern apartment communities come into existence in Gurgaon. It seems to have started a kind of an unsaid war among the developers and builders of these modern communities in Gurgaon, which is turning out to be really beneficial for the residents as well as the owners of properties in these new-age residential communities in Gurgaon.

We all witnessed the game changing clubs of The Magnolias followed by many other clubs at various communities like Ireo Grand Arch, MGF Vilas and a few others which became the “talks of the town” and did manage to pull the crowds to live in them, not to mention these did also increase the rental values of these properties for the landlords and owners of these apartments.

These are all ok, but the one that we are likely to witness in times to come is of a totally different magnitude, seemingly the mother of all residential clubs in Gurgaon. We are talking about none other than The VIP Club @ M3M Golf Estate. Yes, the word is out that this luxury apartment community in Gurgaon is going to have three mammoth sized (35,000 sq. ft. each) clubs within the complex, one of which is almost ready to serve the residents.

In case you are looking to upgrade your lifestyle and looking for Apartments for rent in M3M Golf Estate, we can help you find the ideal apartment. Call us on 8010 567 567.

Here is the preview of the one that is ready, we hope you like what you see:

M3M Golf Estate Rent

M3M Golf Estate Rent

M3M Golf Estate offers one of the towers as a premium tower, which hosts the large size 4 bedroom apartments measuring between 4800 sq.ft. to 5100 sq.ft. Enter through the grand entrance lobby and get into your private lift that takes you to your single apartment on the floor.

One of the good things about this specific apartment size is that the layout is designed in a very interesting way to provide utmost privacy to the dwellers of this apartment.  Also the fact that the apartment opens up to a private lift lobby adds to the much needed privacy.

The apartment boasts of a large size master bedroom with a plush bathroom and large closet spaces. All other 3 bedrooms are also decent size with attached bathrooms. There is also a well appointed powder room in the lobby area to make your guests comfortable without having to intervene in the privacy of your home.

The Kitchen is a very spacious one and all done up in good quality material by Mille and offers a built in Dish Washer, Double Door Samsung Refrigerator, Microwave Oven and a Mille Hob and Chimney.

Here are some of the actual videos of the apartment, hope you like what you see.

M3M Golf Estate Kitchen Video
M3M Golf Estate Kitchen Video 2
M3M Golf Estate – Living Area & Master Bedroom Video

Now Renting – M3M Golf Estate

M3M Golf Estate Rent

M3M Golf Estate is coming up as one of the better apartment community on the Golf Course Extn. Road, in fact it might just be the best apartment for rent on the Golf Course Extn. Road.  The reasons for this are quite a few.

Apartment Sizes 3,000 sq.ft. upwards.

Rental Range 75K Upwards.

Facilities at M3M Golf Estate

  1. Golf – Firstly, the community offers first of it’s kind residential community in Gurgaon with Golf within the complex. M3M Golf Estate offers a 9 hole reversible golf course within the complex, which means that you step down from your apartment and you are ready to tee off.
  2. Finish Quality– The apartment finish quality is definitely a superior quality as compared to some of the other delivered apartments in the vicinity. The Door Quality, The Lock Quality, the superior bathroom finishes, The Kitchen by Mille and overall flooring etc all adds up to make Golf Estate a luxury apartment community to reckon with.
  3. The Club – The Club house at Golf Estate is a fairly elaborate one, offering every facility that would make for a super luxury experience, offering classy finish quality of the entire facility as well as superlative quality of facilities.
  4. The Lobbies – The Lobbies at M3M Golf Estate are actually quite well done and give a luxurious feel coming back home.
  5. The Greenery- This aspect has been given special attention at Golf Estate,  offering large park areas (Apart from the Golf Course) and a lot of Greenery within the community.
  6. The Grand Entrance – The overall feel of entering the complex is quite an experience in it’s own right, the wide entrance road creates a feel of luxury and space.
  7. The Location– The location of Golf Estate is quite good with a great access from the Golf Course Extn. Road and yet tucked away from the main road to make sure that it is quiet and peaceful within the community.
  8. Affordability – Being a unique Golf Community, the rentals are currently quite reasonable. Also the kind of finish quality etc can be compared to much more expensive residential communities in Gurgaon.

Overall, a great place to live especially for Expats !! In case you are looking to live a luxurious life at affordable price points, then Golf Estate might just be one of the best choices.

Useful Links:

M3M Golf Estate Drone Coverage

M3M Golf Estate For Rent

M3M Golf Estate

M3M Golf Estate Drone Coverage

M3M Golf Estate Drone Coverage

Experience the extraordinary lifestyle with a 9 hole Golf Course within the residential community being offered for the first time in Gurgaon. These Luxury Apartments for Rent are perfect for those who are ready to Teeing off to a super luxury lifestyle. Offering a perfect blend of excellent quality of interior finish within the apartments as well as state of the art club and recreational facilities and landscaped golf greens within the community.

Come and explore with us, how living at Golf Estate is going to be for you !!

Apartments for Rent in Aralias

Apartments for Rent in Aralias

This is a very nicely done up apartment for rent in DLF Aralias, the good part about this apartment is that it has an extended balcony, almost 8 feet deep, which allows for a lot of extra space for creating a Terrace Garden or Sitting Areas in the Terrace Area.

This apartment for rent in Aralias is located in one of the lower floors, so if you are looking to live on a higher floor then this is not the option for you, but if you are person who likes to see greenery up front close, then this will work very well for you. The apartment overlooks the superbly manicured lawns of DLF Aralias as well as overlooks the Swimming Pool as well.

The apartment offers 4 Large Size Bedrooms with Bath Tub /Jacuzzi in the bedroom as well as a very lavishly done up kitchen (Actual Pictures & Videos of the Apartment are below). There is an interestingly designed washing area right next to the servant’s room which is good to avoid any interference in the main house area.

The main Living and Dining Area of this apartment in DLF Aralias has roof cassette air conditioners, while all other bedrooms have split air conditioners, all in perfect working condition.

The Kitchen is fully equipped with modern fit outs and is extremely well designed, set in white color, it offers great ambiance even in the kitchen. It comes with a double door refrigerator, microwave, oven, hob, chimney and other features that make it interesting experience in the kitchen.

Here are some Actual Pictures & Videos of this Apartment:

Fully Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

Fully Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias

This is a fabulous fully furnished apartment for rent in DLF Magnolias. Mostly the colour used to decorate this apartment is shades of white, which makes this apartment very elegant and well lit. The apartment is located on a higher floor and is very well located within the DLF Magnolias community.

In case you are looking for a Fully Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias, then this could be one of your options. Apart from this apartment, we do have other furnished apartments for rent in DLF Magnolias.

Here are some Actual Pictures of this fantastic Fully Furnished Apartment in DLF Magnolias:

Please feel free to give us a call.

Furnished Apartment in Aralias

Furnished Apartments in Aralias

Aralias is one of the most premium residential communities in Gurgaon, owing to it being the first Golf Residential Community in Gurgaon overlooking the beautiful Golf Greens of The DLF Golf & Country Club.

While there are a host of apartments at Aralias where most of the Expats in Gurgaon live in, considering that these are one of the better apartments to live in. This specific apartment is a furnished apartment where in the landlord has provided the furniture as well.

Please take a look at some of the actual pictures of the property below:

View More Pictures of Aralias as a Community: DLF Aralias

View Video

Furnished Apartment in Magnolias

Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias

While Magnolias remains one of the Super Luxurious Residential communities to live in Gurgaon, within the community there is a variation of apartments based on the interiors done by the owners, some owners have done up the apartments very tastefully, while others haven’t done them up so well.

This Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias is one of the better and tastefully done up apartments within Magnolias, apart from being a very exclusively furnished apartment, this apartment comes with another very interesting feature, it’s privacy, the apartment is a single apartment on a floor, which means that on your floor, only you live, unlike most of the other apartments, which have two apartments on a floor.

The quality of furniture and the overall finish of the apartment is par excellence and comparable to any good quality apartment in the west.

The apartment comes with 4 Bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a lavish living area with a well crafted bar setup and the dining area with a large dining table and chairs. Apart from this, the apartment also has a well appointed powder room for the guests and  a large terrace with the stunning views of the Golf Course in Gurgaon.

Download as PDFfurnished-apartment-in-magnolias

Here are some actual Pictures & Videos of this fabulous Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias:

Living Room & Dining Area

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Kitchen Area

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Master Bedroom

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Bedroom 2

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Bedroom 3

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Bedroom 4

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Terrace & Views

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Exclusive Apartment for Rent in DLF Magnolias

Apartment for Rent in DLF Magnolias

This is a very well located apartment on a higher floor in one of the most sought after towers within Magnolias. The apartment is well finished with a configuration of 4 Bedrooms, Living Dining, Kitchen. A nicely designed apartment with good quality of interior finish.

In case you are looking for Apartment for Rent in Magnolias, we have other choices as well, please feel free to give us a shout and we will be happy to assist.

Here are some Pictures & Videos of this fantastic apartment for rent in DLF Magnolias


Furnished Apartment in Magnolias

Furnished Apartment in Magnolias

DLF Magnolias if you are already familiar, you would know that it is among one of the most premium addresses of Gurgaon. Being a Golf Property overlooking the DLF Golf Club, has its own charm to live in. Most of the apartments for Rent in Magnolias have been occupied either by Expatriates or by very Highly placed Indian Executives. While the self occupied apartments are with the rich business personnel.

This apartment is located among the middle floors of Magnolias and is available as a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Magnolias.

Here are the real pictures of this fantastic apartment for rent in Magnolias.

View More Pictures of Magnolias

4 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in DLF Magnolias

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