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Ireo Skyon -Superior Central Greens

Ireo Skyon – Superior Central Greens

The Central Greens at Ireo Skyon is something that one can really enjoy working out in open or have a pleasant morning or evening stroll. There is something amazing about the way the landscape is maintained at Ireo Skyon. One can completely refresh and rejuvenate by going for a morning walk in the central greens at Ireo Skyon or cleanse your aura by simply sitting under the carefully planted trees in this amazing place.

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Here are some pictures:

Ireo Skyon Club House

Ireo Skyon Club House

Good News !! Ireo Skyon Club house at Ireo Skyon is partially operational with a state of the art restaurant, a banquet facility, squash courts, pool room, The Gym, Coffee Lounge, Table Tennis and a host of other facilities and the rest of the club facilities also underway and should be operational very soon.  In case you are looking to rent an apartment at Ireo Skyon, we can certainly help.

Furnished Apartments in Ireo Skyon

Ireo Skyon community offers a peaceful location very close to the downtown of Gurgaon, just off the Golf Course Extension Road in a location that is not only very upmarket, but also quiet and peaceful. The community offers apartments starting from 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms and 4 Bedrooms. There are opportunities to rent Furnished Apartments in Ireo Skyon as well, in case you are looking for a ready to move apartment.

Ireo Skyon has also become a preferred choice for Expats moving to Gurgaon to rent good quality yet affordable apartments in Gurgaon

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Here are some pictures of the community gymnasium.

4 Bedroom for Rent in Ireo Skyon

Ireo Skyon 4 BHK Rent

The View from this apartment is breath taking, if you like to live the high life, I mean literally, this apartment is located on a higher floor with a stunning and uninterrupted view of the Greens and the Aravali  Hills. A very spacious apartment with all modern woodwork done and absolutely ready to move in.

The club facilities like Gym and Squash Court already operational in the community and a very well kept central greens within the community.

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Here are some Videos and Pictures of this 4 BHK for Rent in Skyon

Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment in Gurgaon

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Gurgaon

Small spaces are generally not very well kept, however, this apartment is absolutely fit to be occupied by any expat moving to Gurgaon. A compact apartment that offers luxury lifestyle for a single person working in Gurgaon or a young couple working in Gurgaon and wanting to enjoy good living.

Tastefully Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment located on the Golf Course Extn. Road in Ireo Skyon. The apartment comes with VRV Air Conditioning, Smart Features that include controlling most of the electrical gadgets through a Samsung Tablet and is located on the 9th Floor out of 10 Floors.


The apartment overlooks the open greens and offers lots of natural light and air. The Furniture in the apartment is all brand new and excellent quality with great aesthetics. This although small apartment is apt for either a single person or a young couple wanting to live a comfortable life in Gurgaon.

Furnished Apartment in Ireo Skyon

Here are the configurations of the Apartment:

1375 sq.ft. offering Living & Dining with a Terrace + Master Bedroom (With Attached Washroom) + 2nd Bedroom (Converted into a TV Lounge) + Powder Bathroom + Kitchen & Utility Balcony.

Rent: Rs. 69,000/- per month.
Maintenance: Rs. 4,500/- per month.

Here are the videos and images of the apartment:

Living & Dining

Master Bedroom

TV Lounge







Tastefully Furnished 2 BHK

This apartment is not run of the mill, it has been carefully crafted specially keeping the interest of Expats in mind. The apartment apart from it’s appeal of very nice, modern and contemporary furnishings also offers a whole lot of “smart home” features that make this a unique expat accommodation in Gurgaon. The best part is that every thing in the apartment is brand new and the apartment has never been lived in before !!

airbnb gurgaon.png

Here are some key features of the property:

  • Smart Home – The apartment’s electrical equipment and door lock opening can be handled by a hand held Note Pad (Provided with the Apartment). You can turn gadgets on and off, control the kind of lighting that you want, open the door from your tab, turn the geysers on and off, turn the air conditioners on and off…all from your Tab.
  • Air Conditioning:  The apartment comes with VRV Air Conditioning with both Heating & Cooling. All can be controlled with the hand held Tab.
  • Audio Visual Lounge Room – One of the bedroom has been converted into an Audio Visual Lounge with the powerful bluetooth enabled sound bar and reclining sofas to enjoy theater style listening to your favorite music, watch movies or your favorite shows (Amazon Prime Fire Stick provided with annual subscription 🙂 ).
  • Music in Living Room – Enjoy a great evening with your friends and family with the small yet powerful bluetooth enabled music system placed in the Living Room, you can also answer phone calls, “hands free” through this system.
  • Kitchen – Fully equipped Kitchen with cooking utensils, microwave, chopper, blender, electric kettle, refrigerator, crockery, table ware etc.
  • Washing Machine – Fully automated Bosch Washing Machine provided in the apartment.
  • Internet – High Speed Optical Fiber internet provided with Wi-Fi that covers the entire apartment. (Included in the Rent)
  • Study – Study Table with a leather chair is provided.
  • Bedroom – Comfortable bed with high quality mattress and side tables with a night lamp as well as a bluetooth speaker to enjoy relaxing music before sleeping and a cozy seating in the Master Bedroom for your morning cup of coffee or enjoying an intimate drink with your close friends. (Linen Provided)
  • Bathrooms – Well equipped bathrooms with hot and cold shower, walk in wardrobe. (Brand New Towels Provided).

Here are some pictures of the apartment, we hope you like them !!
Give us a call on 8010 567 567


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Affordable Rentals with Quality Lifestyle in Gurgaon

Apartments for Rent in Ireo Skyon Gurgaon

Golf Course Extension Road is coming up as a great destination for residential tenants as more and more quality homes come close to possession and occupation. Ireo Skyon definitely falls in the category of good quality apartments for rent in Gurgaon.

Apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon come with modern fittings and facilities at affordable price points as compared to some other residential apartments on the Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. A host of prospective tenants do not mind going the extra 2 to 3 Kilometers, to be able to provide a better lifestyle for their families.

Apartments for Rent on Golf Course Extension Road is turning out to be a great alternative for those who are looking to keep the costs low, but not compromise on the lifestyle. At the end of the day, when you come back home to your apartment on rent in Ireo Skyon, you do feel that you have come back to a place that is welcoming and full of exciting things that you can do after a hard days work.

The interesting thing is that there are sizes that would suite all kinds of family sizes amongst apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon. Starting from a 2 BHK apartment for rent in Ireo Skyon to a well appointed 3 BHK Apartment for Rent in Skyon to a lavish 4 BHK apartment for rent in Ireo Skyon, fitting well into the needs of single working men and women to a large joint family.

With this new location offering affordable good quality apartments for rent in Gurgaon, it seems that everyone can afford to live a good quality lifestyle with good quality club house facilities, security & power back up, which would otherwise cost almost 3 times on the Golf Course Road. We at believe that this could be a great alternative without compromising on lifestyle.

Apartments for Rent in Ireo Skyon

Apartments for Rent in Ireo Skyon

After the success of Ireo Grand Arch, the next sequel Ireo Skyon seems to be catching steam. It is believed that Ireo Skyon will eventually be a better product as predicted by most of the real estate players and public at large. One of the reasons for this could be the fact that while Ireo Grand Arch was the first flagship project by Ireo, however, there is more experience now with Ireo to build a better product with lesser maintenance issues. Apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon comes with all the modern facilities. 

While Ireo Grand Arch has had a phenomenal success in rentals and a host of expats are happily living at Ireo Grand Arch owing to the fabulous club facilities and the overall finish of the apartments and of course being able to find all this at affordable rentals in Gurgaon. Ireo Skyon on the other hand would be probably an interesting space to watch out in the coming few months… One of the major factors that I personally feel is going to boost the rent ability of Ireo Skyon as a community would be the fact that it has all the facilities of Ireo Grand Arch, but with a much larger central greens, something that is kind of a miss in the Grand Arch.

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Having said that, it is difficult to say at this point in time how the whole community comes along and what the challenges would be, as of now, it does seem to be a promising residential community for those looking to rent a quality apartment with state of the art features.

One of the more interesting features of apartments for rent in ireo Skyon would also include the smart homes technology that lets you operate the various facets of your home through an intelligent remote devise. Making these apartments a sure choice for those who like high tech gadgets, which we all are clued into these days.

The Club Facilities at Ireo Skyon

Portable Home Console

Did You Know ? Ireo Skyon homes are IPTV Ready !!

Did You Know? Centrally located Wi-Fi at Skyon

Apartments for Rent in Skyon

Looking to buy in Ireo Skyon ?

The Club Facilities at Ireo Skyon

Ireo Skyon Rentals

Just as expected from any good quality residential apartment complex in Gurgaon, Ireo Skyon offers the facilities to make life fun for the residents by providing a state of the art club house with facilities that are surely going to make your life fit and fun.

The facilities offered are available to both owners and for those who are taking apartments on rent in Ireo Skyon. The facilities include the following:

  • A large Size Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Badminton Courts
  • Squash Courts
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Yoga / Dance Studio
  • Gymnasium
  • Steam & Shower Rooms
  • Coffee Bar
  • Massage Rooms

The facilities have been created with world class infrastructure and machinery to make sure that the residents of Ireo Skyon enjoy coming back home every day to enjoy a fun filled evening at their own doorstep rather than looking for facilities somewhere outside of the community.

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In case you are looking to move to more modern and better equipped apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon, please feel free to connect with us, we are active in helping people find apartments for rent in Skyon and can surely help you find one for yourself.

Here are a few useful links for information on Ireo Skyon:

Did You Know ? Ireo Skyon homes are IPTV Ready !!

Did You Know? Centrally located Wi-Fi at Skyon

Portable Home Console

Ireo Skyon

2 BHK For Rent in Ireo Skyon

Large 2 BHK for Rent in Ireo Skyon

3 BHK for Rent in Ireo Skyon

4 BHK Apartment for Rent in Skyon

Ireo Skyon for Rent

How to maximize your Rental Yield

Property Management Companies in Gurgaon

As a Property Management Company based out of Gurgaon, we thought it would be interesting to share this article that explains a few things about how to get the best rental yield from your property.

We hope that this helps the discerning Landlords who may be looking for Property Management Companies in Gurgaon.

As a landlord, it is extremely important to not only rent out your apartment to a Quality Tenant, but also to maximize your rental yield and needless to mention to do it as quickly as possible, after all, each day lost is a cost as well as a loss of revenue.

Here are some steps that can help you in finding an ideal tenant quickly and get the best yield on your apartment rentals:

Step 1: Find a professional Agency that is active in marketing your specific community aggressively and is capable of representing your property well. QuickRent is very active in this space and has helped multiple Landlords at good quality residential communities to rent out their apartments quickly with smooth transactions as well as at the best possible rental values.

Step 2: List your property with One Specific Agency and not with multiple agents. Listing your property with a specific agency helps to maintain a certain exclusivity about your property, rather than being available with everyone. QuickRent takes up specific assignments to make sure that the showings of your property is only done to Good Quality Tenants who have the desired budget and fit into a specific quality profile to make sure that your apartment for rent in Ireo Skyon goes on rent with a Quality Tenant and at the Best possible rental value. Not only this helps in getting better value for your apartment, but also helps reduce interaction with multiple sources and saves time and botheration.

Step 3: Help the Agency so create a good quality listing by allowing them to click some good quality pictures of your apartment and the surroundings, visual appeal is extremely important to help market your property well. Check out some of the pictures that we clicked at Ireo Grand Arch to help find good quality tenants and increase the rental value for the Landlords.

Here is the Link:

In case you are a Landlord, please get in touch with us to help find a suitable Tenant for your Property. You can Submit Your Property by clicking on this link: Landlord Services

 We look forward to serving you !!

Download as PDF: 3-steps-to-increasing-your-rental-yield

10 Quick Steps to Renting an Apartment in Skyon

Ireo Skyon Rent

Ireo Skyon is a promising place to live in Gurgaon at affordable rentals. One of the good aspects of this residential community in Gurgaon is the fact that it has a fairly large well developed central green area.

When you are looking to Rent an apartment in Ireo Skyon, here are some easy steps that you can follow to find an ideal apartment for rent in Ireo Skyon:

Step 1:  Check your priorities and decide on the size of apartment that you would like to rent in Skyon, factors to be considered in this step would be the size of the family and the number of bedrooms that your family would need for a comfortable living.

Step 2: Go through the various available sizes of apartments for rent in Ireo Skyon and the configuration of the apartments, select the apartment that works best for your family.

Step 3: Call QuickRent Agent to take you through a physical site visit of the selected size of apartment and other comparative sizes and configurations of Apartments for Rent in Skyon.

Step 4: On the site visit with a QuickRent Agent, you should be able to choose the location of the specific apartment type that you are looking to rent in Skyon and ask them to show you the available apartments in the specific desired location.

Step 5: Decide on a specific floor, some people prefer to live on Lower Floors, while others choose Middle or Higher Floors for rent in Ireo Skyon, it is totally a personal choice. Advise your QuickRent Agent to find an apartment for rent in the specific floor range that suits your family.

Step 6: Visit the specific proposed apartment for rent in Ireo Skyon and freeze the apartment with the QuickRent Agent.

Step 7: Ask your QuickRent Agent to organize a meet with the Landlords to make sure that the expectations and deliverables are discussed and agreed upon.

Step 8: Exchange a financial commitment by issuing a cheque to get the specific apartment off the market and get a commitment from the landlord to confirm that the deal is done.

Step 9: Finalize the Lease Terms through your QuickRent Agent by mutually going back and forth over emails with the Landlords and get the final lease draft agreed upon.

Step 10: Sign Off the Lease and complete any balance deposits and get the possession of the desired apartment for rent in Skyon. Live Happily & Pay the Rent on Time.

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In case you are a Landlord looking to rent out your apartment at Ireo Skyon, we can help find Quality Tenants for your Apartment, we have successfully served multiple Landlords / Tenants to find a match at Ireo Grand Arch, and are going to be active in helping Ireo Skyon Owners to Rent out their apartments in Skyon to good Quality Tenants.

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