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Here you should be able to view the available studio apartments for rent in MGF Vilas, Gurgaon

Old Apartments Vs. New Apartments

Luxury Apartments for Rent in Gurgaon

Gurgaon churns out new apartment communities by the month, it is kind of confusing to choose which apartments to rent and which to avoid. Why should one choose to move into a new residential community in Gurgaon? This is an interesting dilemma that people have while moving into a residential community in Gurgaon. I would say there are pros and cons on either side of the coin.

While the older residential communities in Gurgaon are more established and would have more number of people living in them, the negative is that these older residential communities lack the modernism and the exteriors start looking shabby. Also the unfortunate part about apartments in Gurgaon is that the maintenance of common areas etc after the buildings become old are not that great. The interiors of course are old style and not as modern as the new age apartments.

On the other hand, new residential communities in Gurgaon offer the new age features with modern facades and interiors that are in sync with the current times, making them more contemporary and are definitely more modern and live-able.  While there may be a distinct advantage of location to the older communities, considering that the newer ones are a short drive away from the city center.

Gurgaon has witnessed a steady flow of Tenants moving from the existing old apartment communities into newer ones. It seems that there are a few critical “feel good” reasons for this:

  • People like to move into homes that have not yet been lived in.
  • Old Apartment Complexes have worn out exteriors vs. New Homes with bright exteriors with latest designs.
  • Old Apartment Complexes have worn out interiors while the new ones have brand new interiors.
  • Older Apartment Complexes have lesser and older facilities in the club house, some even don’t have an in house club Vs. New Apartment complexes have the latest club facilities, some even have bowling alleys.
  • Newer Communities are more evolved in terms of design, so offer better space as compared to older apartment complexes.

In case you are considering moving to Gurgaon, it may be a better idea to look at New Residential Communities for Rent and enjoy a better lifestyle.

MGF Vilas for Rent

MGF Vilas for Rent

MGF Vilas is a very strategically located community that offers a peaceful living with variants of Studio Apartments, 2 BHK Apartments, 3 BHK Apartments, 4 BHK Apartments, Penthouses and limited number of Villas for Rent within the community.

The Vilas is located in DLF Phase II, which has great access from the MG Road and is close to the Sikandarpur Metro Station as well as the largest commercial development of DLF Cyber City, which hosts most of the multi national corporations.

The Vilas offers an exclusive club house with state of the art facilities within the club, having a very large size swimming pool, Gymnasium and a 30 seater theatre for entertainment among other facilities like basket ball court and tennis court etc.

One interesting thing about MGF Vilas is that the balconies are very spacious and each apartment comes with a fitted Split Air Conditioner.

We have multiple apartments for rent in MGF Vilas in case you are considering acquiring MGF Vilas for Rent, we could help you find the ideal apartment or villa within this community.

Check out some actual Pictures and Videos of MGF Vilas.

Studio Apartments for Rent in MGF Vilas

Studio Apartments for Rent in MGF Vilas

There are limited Studio Apartments in MGF Vilas and we have some availability of Studios for rent in MGF Vilas. In case you are looking to rent a studio apartment in MGF Vilas, please feel free to get in touch with us. We have availability of studio apartments for rent on Lower, Middle and Higher Floor in MGF Vilas.