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Welcome to – Corporate Offers page, considering that you have landed on this page, we assume that you are either heading a function which is related to employee benefit, or are an employee that would like to benefit from this offer.

QuickRent is the first in class to introduce FFS (Fixed Fee System) of Brokerage in the Home Rentals Market in India. FFS as the term defines itself is a Fixed Fee System of brokerage payment when you are searching and finalizing an apartment/home for rent in Gurgaon. While in traditional system, a client was asked to pay a brokerage fee equivalent to 1 month rental value, which is quite high, now you could save thousands of rupees by using the FFS system as introduced by

FFS helps in substantial reduction in costs for the organization as well as the employees in case they are paying brokerages individually. All they need to do is to flash their business card and avail this hugely discounted service.

In case you are an organization and would like to extend this offer to the employees of your organization, to get the complete detailed understanding of how this amazing new system works, please take a minute to send us a request by filling a short form below:

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