While DLF as a name is a name of the developer, however, considering the massive development and initiation of the area by DLF, the area also came to be actually known as DLF.

DLF has been the primary influences and has been instrumental in creating what is better known today as Modern Gurgaon. The story started in 1995, when DLF announced the launch of its various phases, starting from DLF Phase I, DLF Phase II, DLF Phase III, DLF Phase IV and DLF Phase V (Also now known as DLF 5).  Within these Phases, various types or residential and commercial developments took place, starting from Residential Plots to Builder Floors and of course the High Rise Apartments. Commercial Spaces included development of IT Hubs, Commercial Office Blocks as well as Shopping Mall Spaces.

There are various opportunities of Apartments for Rent in DLF Area in all the phases, these include Builder Floors for Rent in DLF and High Rise Apartments for Rent in DLF. Considering the variation in the age of the building, the interiors and specifications have also undergone a metamorphosis over these 2 decades, which primarily drives the rental values in various residential communities in DLF.

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