Own a Quick Rent Franchise Business

Work From Your Own Community/Society – Franchise Opportunity – Earn Money with Dignity.

Quick Rent FranchiseWelcome to Quick Rent Franchise Opportunity !! A first of its kind and a unique opportunity to become a Quick Rent Franchisee, you are a few steps away from…becoming a part of the billion rupees home rentals market within the real estate industry. Enjoy earning good income while working from within the  comfort of your own residential community, by representing your community as a resident Quick Rent expert.

We will hold your hand till you succeed, and make sure that our franchise partners get off to a great start within a matter of days. Complete training is provided to help you get equipped to be able to work as a Quick Rent Franchisee and start your own home office. The business opportunity is targeted towards servicing Landlords within your community on the one side and helping Prospective Tenants who are looking for apartments on rent in your community.

Who can apply?
A Home Maker, with a zeal to earn extra money for the family, without having to step out of the community/society, A retired persons, who don’t believe in retirement and have the zeal to work and earn their own livelihood and not wanting to be dependent on anyone? Young enterprising persons looking to do something worthwhile and build a good professional career, while you would want to work from your own society/community, We Want You !!

What are the Skills Required?
Primarily, the skills required are Good Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Some basic Computer Skills , most importantly, you should be able to connect with people and should have the fire in the belly to do something worthwhile and earn money with dignity.

What do I have to do?
As a Quick Rent Franchisee, you will be your own boss and represent Quick Rent within your own Community, basically you would be acting as a bridge between the Landlords & Tenants and help Landlords getting their property off the shelves and helping prospective tenants finding apartments within your community.

successIs Training Provided?
Complete training on various aspects of the Rentals Business is provided when you become a franchisee. Quick Rent professionals will train you within days to be able to prospect for new business and negotiate and conclude transactions, all of this from the comfort of being within your own community/society.

With training provided, you should be able to get ready to start conducting transactions within a short span and also hopefully start closing transactions at the earliest.

How much does it cost?

The Application & Brochure costs Rs. 500.  Apart from the application fee, there is a nominal joining fee, a training cost and a franchise fee.

Work from your own CommunityHow much can I earn?
There is no limit to how much you can earn. Every year, there are a whole lot of properties that go on rent within your community, the process keeps happening year after year, once you are clued into the Landlords, you can keep serving them for the rest of your life. While it will not be appropriate to quote a figure of how much one can earn being a part of Quick Rent franchisee, but we can tell you that you are becoming a part of what is going to be one of The Largest Rentals Network in the country and there will be a host of opportunities of earning with Dignity.

Will Leads be provided ?
Quick Rent will provide both Landlords & Prospective Tenant Leads which will be generated through Quick Rent Network and various marketing initiatives at Quick Rent. Apart from this, your own network will also generate business leads of various kinds. All this will be part of the training.

 Limited Franchisees !!

Only 2 in each community !!

only 2

Quick Rent Franchise

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