Sohna Road

Apartments for Rent on Sohna Road

Sohna Road is an important road in Gurgaon. While a few years back, it had no other purpose but to connect the National Highway 8 to Sohna as a destination, over the past view years, there has been tremendous amount of development of Residential as well as Commercial Buildings on The Sohna Road.

Today, one can consider this as one of the new business districts of Gurgaon, after MG Road in Gurgaon and Golf Course Road, which still command to be more upmarket offering luxury and super luxury residential apartments for rent in Gurgaon. The primary reason for development of this area can be attributed to the multiple large size commercial and IT buildings offering cheaper space than other more expensive areas of Gurgaon. A host of companies have taken up spaces in these IT Buildings to save on the rentals, considering that the quality of buildings remains the same and the facilities of the commercial buildings also remain same.

Sohna Road has a whole lot of Group Housings offering some good apartments for rent on Sohna Road. These Apartments are mostly in High Rise Residential Gated Communities located on Sohna Road. The primary stretch of development is about 3 kms. long, starting from a crossing called Netaji Subhash Chowk, to the crossing of the Golf Course Extn. Road.

There are more residential communities which are also existing now even beyond Sohna Road that offer very cheap apartments for rent in Gurgaon. These are primarily located on the arterial roads like The Southern Periphery Road, which is further evolution of Sohna Road and is being developed with multiple residential and commercial properties.

Some very interesting luxury communities also offer Villas for Rent on Sohna Road, these offer some really exclusive villas with private swimming pools and all the amenities of modern day living. Most of these villa communities offer gated, secured environment and luxurious lifestyle. Apart from the Villas for Rent on Sohna Road, there are a host of residential complexes on Sohna Road, which offer High Rise Apartments at affordable price points offering modern lifestyle.

We have a host of apartments for rent on Sohna Road, in case you are searching for an ideal apartment, we can surely help you rent apartment on Sohna Road.

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