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Where do Expats Live in Gurgaon?

Where do Expats Live in Gurgaon?

There has been a great deal of companies hiring expats from across the world to work in Gurgaon. The first thing that expats need to know when they are hired abroad is the living conditions in Gurgaon and whether or not they would be able to find a lifestyle if not same as their native country, but at least something that they could feel comfortable living in with their families.

While it is difficult to cater to every expectation of the expat customers, considering the vast gap between where they come from and the overall development of the country and the city of Gurgaon, however, there has been a stead flow of expats coming and living in Gurgaon.

As for the Expat Accommodation in Gurgaon is concerned, they are spread over across the spectrum depending on the budget and the size of accommodation that they require. Having said that there are some key communities that have come to become more preferred by the expats due to location, facilities and overall security and convenience.

From our experience of having worked with several expats who have moved to Gurgaon, we have understood that expats like clean environment and preferably new apartments to live in, apart from this expats like to have both convenient stores and good quality recreational facilities within the community to be able to come back home and enjoy a dip in the pool, play some game or hit the gym for a workout, relax in the steam and sauna and rejuvenate.

There are a few key communities that expats have kind of liked in Gurgaon and are living in these homes in Gurgaon, more information is available on this Link below:


DLF Pinnacle Furnished Apartment

Furnished Apartment for Rent on Golf Course Road

Nicely Furnished Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon on the Golf Course Road, in DLF Pinnacle. DLF Pinnacle is a community that is very conveniently located just across the DLF Golf Course in Gurgaon and is considered to be an upmarket community as well as located in an upmarket area.

Here are some actual pictures of the Property:

View Details of DLF Pinnacle Community

Expat Homes in Gurgaon

Expat Homes in Gurgaon

Namaste !! This is probably one of the first words that any Expat needs to learn in India. Namaste means “The Divine in me honors the Divine in you”. With this expat homes in gurgaonspirit, we welcome you to QuickRent.in.

If you are moving from another country to Gurgaon, India. You must consider using our services to find an appropriate residential dwelling for you and your family, we have helped multiple expatriates who have moved to Gurgaon from various countries. Our team members understand the intricate needs of expatriates and work with them to help find the right apartment or villa for rent in Gurgaon.

We have some of the best apartments for rent in Gurgaon, very exclusive, and specially developed for expatriates, keeping in mind the special needs of someone moving from the western side of the world.

Do write to us or call us and our agents will be happy to assist, making sure that your search for an ideal home is not a painful process !!

Here are some of the Actual Pictures of the Apartments.

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Our Services include Customized Excellent Quality of Soft Furnishing to go with your lifestyle with a motive to provide the best and nothing less than the best to our Expat Guests in India.

We look forward to being of service !!

Top Rental Agency in Gurgaon

Best Home Renting Agency in Gurgaon

top rental agencies in gurgaon

While our deals are Hot !! We remain the coolest Rental Agency in Gurgaon. When you are looking to rent a property in Gurgaon, why should you compromise on the service quality, the costs remain the same, then why not hire the best rental agency in Gurgaon.

You would benefit from a good quality agent working with you to bring your vision to fruition rather than having to deal with uncouth and non committal agents, who don’t respect client’s time. Most of the agents, it is even difficult to communicate with, considering the disorganized market scenario.

At the end of the day, its all about the quality of service !!

Find Out Why Landlords are Signing Exclusive Deals with Quick Rent?


A quick note to help you understand how does having an exclusive mandate help? Why landlords are singing exclusive deals with Quick Rent?

While the concept of mandated properties is almost a norm in the west, India is still catching up with the concept. Here are some of the advantages of working on exclusive mandate basis:

       Buying Loyalty: By singing an exclusive mandate with an agent, you would have bought the loyalty of the agent towards you and your property. This would mean, that the agent is assured of the commissions and would put in a lot more hard work into making sure that the property goes up for rent as soon as possible.

       Buying Agent’s Time: Considering that at any point in time, there are multiple transactions being handled by any single agent, with an exclusive mandate in place, your agent is likely to push your property forward and spend more time on making presentations and spreading the property to multiple sources including other channels like brokers etc. Bottom Line, your property gets more exposure with more time from the agent.

       Savings: By Singing an exclusive mandate with an agent, you would save time, effort and resources…here is how…If you were to handle multiple agents and their calls, it would eat up into your own time and the effort to explain the property again and again to multiple agents, more than that, you would never be sure about the loyalty of the agency and you would spend effort and time to establish their credibility. The same time could have been used for more productive work. The idea is that with an exclusive mandate signed up, you can stay focused on your work, while the agent is loyally working to rent your property.

       Single Point of Contact: At QuickRent.in, we depute one single agent to a single property, this means that you will always be dealing with a single window. It’s always better to have a single point of contact for any service, it just makes things a lot more easier to deal with one single agency with a deputed single resource and not have to speak to someone new each time. After all, it takes time to understand people, and time is precious.

       Property Handling: Depending on one agency for the showing of your property also puts a huge responsibility on the agency to make sure that nothing goes missing from your property and to make sure that each time the property is shown, it is secured back well. You know exactly who is to be held responsible in case something was to go wrong, rather than having to wonder who is responsible in case of multiple people showing the property.

We hope that the above reasons are good enough for any landlord to sign up for an exclusive deal with the agency.

In our experience we have handled multiple properties for clients both in India as well as NRIs, who are sitting miles away from home and have successfully delivered on our promise to help them find a suitable tenant for their property. We are convinced and have experienced that signing an exclusive mandate is a better way to do business for both the Landlord and the Agency.

We look forward to working exclusively on your property…and to help you find the ideal tenant quickly.