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Fully Furnished Villa Gurgaon

Fully Furnished Villa for Rent Gurgaon

This is a fantastic villa built on 500 yards plot and offers a great setting with a private swimming pool within the Villa. The Villa is located in a community called Tatvam Villas, which is considered to be one of the greenest residential community in Gurgaon.

The owners are moving abroad and so it is available for rent, the one good thing is that when the villa is furnished by the owners for their own self use, the quality of materials used and planning etc is much superior than those that have been created for the purpose of renting.

We always believe that there is no words can describe a place better than some actual pictures and videos of the place. So, our team went ahead and clicked the entire place, here are some pictures and videos of the property:

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Tatvam Villa Videos:

Kids Room:

Changed Kids Bathroom:

Entrance Lobby:


Images of Tatvam Villas:

The Greenest Residential Community in Gurgaon

While most of Gurgaon is kind of becoming like a concrete jungle, but there are some communities that still enjoy the tag of being Greenest Communities in Gurgaon. One such community is Tatvam Villas, offering “Villas Only” lifestyle with loads and loads of greenery, grown trees, shrubs and well manicured gardens etc. One good thing about Tatvam Villas is the fact that almost every Villa opens up to a central green area from the rare side, one can straight away walk into large central greens by just stepping out from your villa.

Here is a Video of the Greenery at Tatvam, it is an amazing place to live in Gurgaon, hope you enjoy watching this:

Brand New Villa for Rent in Tatvam

This is a Villa that has never been used before and comes with brand new fittings in the Kitchen and painted recently.

The owners were initially planning to move in themselves, so they have made some interesting changes inside the villa, instead of having too many bedrooms, this villa has a nice TV Lounge Area on the Upper Floor rather than having an extra bedroom.  The Kitchen too has been increased in size.

This fantastic Villa for Rent in Tatvam comes with a large size swimming pool and a large garden area in the back yard being on a plot size of 750 sq.yrds. The Villa offers 4 Bedrooms including one Large Size Master Bedroom. The Living Area, The Dining Area, The Kitchen & The Guest bedrooms are on the Ground Level along with the private swimming pool and a nice lawn in the back yard. On the upper level, there is a Master Bedroom with a Jacuzzi in the Master Bath. Apart from this, there are 2 other bedrooms and a large size TV Lounge on this level. There is also a Pantry on the Upper Level to sip your morning coffee on the deck.

Here are some pictures of this Luxury Villa for Rent in Gurgaon:

Here are some Videos of this Luxury Villa for Rent in Gurgaon:

Villas for Rent in Tatvam

Villas for Rent in Tatvam

As you would be aware that if you are thinking of taking a luxury villa for rent in Gurgaon, then Tatvam Villas is certainly one of the places that you should consider. The community is considered to be one of the most green residential communities in Gurgaon and for the expats and senior executives who appreciate a lifestyle which is larger than life and like to enjoy the outdoors and the greenery, Tatvam has always been a preferred community.

Not only do all the villas come with a private swimming pool and reasonably good quality internal finish quality, but the fact that it is a gated secured community that offers 100% power back up makes this exclusive villa community one of the better places to live in Gurgaon for those who would like to rent a villa in Gurgaon.  As you would know that there are very limited Villa Communities in Gurgaon and specially very limited ones that offer such a green lifestyle. While most of the residential complexes offer high rise condominiums in Gurgaon, which normally have 100% power back up, however Tatvam is one of the rare villa community in Gurgaon that offers power back up as well as a community living.

This specific villas for rent in Tatvam is built on a 750 sq.yrds of plot size and comes with a reasonably large size swimming pool and a back yard. Something that only Tatvam as a community has to offer. The villa has been slightly changed from the inside and offers an interesting lifestyle with 1 Guest Bedroom, a study or a home office and Living Dining along with a spacious kitchen on the Ground Floor and 3 bedrooms and a large size family lounge area on the upper level. There is also a large sit out terrace shared between the Master Bedroom and another bedroom.

The back yard of the villa offers a large well maintained garden and lots of plants and of course the swimming pool which is maintained by professionals every alternate day at a very low monthly cost.

Here are some Pictures & Videos of this Villa for Rent in Tatvam:

V Club Gurgaon

Tatvam Villas Rent

Tatvam Villas has something more to boast about, The V Club. The brand new club with state of the art facilities open to not only Tatvam Residents but public at large. Anyone can take membership at The V Club and enjoy the great ambiance as well as facilities.

Tatvam Villa residents may have some loyalty discounts from Vipul Group for the membership as compared to outside members. The club has pretty much everything that a good quality club needs to have including but not limited to Swimming Pool, Pool Tables, Gymnasium, Coffee Shop, Tennis Courts, Yoga Rooms, Salon and a host of other facilities within the club.

Here is a Link to the Official Website of The V Club for more information on the membership charges etc.


Here are some pictures of the V Club in Gurgaon

Tatvam Villas Gurgaon Pics

Tatvam Villas Gurgaon Pics