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Did you know that M3M Golf Estate has a Gold Class Theatre?

The concept of privacy has taken on as more and more of us like to enjoy things at the comfort of our homes rather than going into a public place with all the noise and traffic, not to mention the pollution etc. Going to Movies is a nostalgic experience, but there is no control on the rest of the crowd in a movie theater, so luxury communities in Gurgaon started opting for a Theater within the community club house.  The idea is to deliver the same nostalgia but with controlled and known crowd and be sure of no unpleasant behavior that you may encounter in a public space.

Yes that’s true !! M3M Golf Estate has a state of the art Gold Class Mini Theater with classy leather recliner chairs and best in class sound proofing and superior quality of visuals and sound effects.

You can enjoy the weekly movies that play in the theater or hire the entire Theater for a private screening of your favorite movie with friends and family. Have a fun filled time with your loved ones while watching an old classic, a new thriller or enjoy a sci-fi with your young ones without having to step out and go into the traffic.

Here are some pictures for this wonderful experience.


M3M Rent Direct

M3M Rent Direct


As always, M3M has been associated with innovative solutions for consumers. This is yet again a great initiative by M3M to make life easier for Tenants looking to live in M3M properties and Quick Rent is happy to be part of the initiative and to serve.

Now you can rent an M3M Apartment with “No Brokerage” & “No Hassles”. Simply call on 8010 567 567 and you don’t have to pay anything, simply be guided through a smooth sailing rental process to start living in your dream apartment at M3M Golf Estate or M3M Woodshire.